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Game unbalanced poll


Do you think game is unbalanced?  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think game is unbalanced?

    • Game mechanics favor Mountains/Forsaken.
    • Game mechanics favor Firstborn/Chosen.
    • Game is balanced :-)
    • I'm ignorant. (I play Firstborn/Chosen)

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If you like the game, let your voice be heard. Otherwise we the players have no say. Without us they have nothing. After your vote comment on the one main reason you voted as you did. For me it's new skills that were introduced. You can see it in arena rankings, Firstborn/Chosen are 70% top in every level

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here is my opinion


ranger = OP

druid = a bit OP

bladedancer = OP


mage = needs a boost

priest = balanced

paladin = OP in numbers


rogue = OP

shaman = a bit OP

barbarian = getting better, but still needs a boost


warlock = OP in numbers

necromancer = balanced

deathknight = needs a boost


Both sides had their moments of glory, but the game still has more skills to come and they will most likely balance things out.


what I cant stand is certain people that are so blinded by their own tears and try to ruin everything.

and of cpurse, there are the ones who only play OP classes, so of course they will be on top.

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My opinion:


ranger >  gd vs squiky players, weakness: if traped/disabled

druid > new skills=mega support, can be played in many ways, crowed control/full support/dmg dealer/pro disabler, weakness: if cornered

bladedancer > can shield himself quickly and move in n out of battle, focus dmg gd vs targeting 1enemie, weakness: blinded, weak vs group of enemies


mage > dmg dealer vs crowds, crownd control, rushs in n out of battle, can help a teammate from other enemies by tele+chain, weakness: if traped/cornered/disabled

priest > heavy support, boosts party heavily, can disable melee from moving rendering them useless for sometime, weakness: if traped/cornered/disabled (stay far from disablers)

paladin > support tank, can control crowds in numbers, disables any crowd, the more paladins the merrier,kills enemies in aoe raduises weakness: ham,root,nightmare,long gouge,any long disable will render him useless to protect his party


rogue > dmg dealer vs 1target, 2rogues can successfully kill any 1target in few seconds, sneak attacks, should target enemies with no support around it, weakness: a catched rogue is a dead rogue

shaman > crowd control, supporter, capable of deflecting dmg to an enemie, gd vs low hp enemies, weakness: cornered,blind worked wrongly,quake missed

barbarian > tank,catches running enemies,making enemies hard to run(chop),capable of getting highest def as well as highest hp in game, can be played as single targeting or crowed control, weakness: cant kill targets alone, need dmg support


warlock > crowd control,dmg dealer,pro stunner/stagger, strong in distance vs melee, weakness: weak vs healers/dmg dealers, weak in close combat

necromancer > pro disabler, gd vs non healing classes,crowd control,can curse entire area, weakness: if not amped cant survive alone, inflicts dmg over time, needs a dmg dealer to support him

deathknight > can pull an enemy right off of his allies area, can be played as a tank support or a dmg inflicter, weakness: alone is weak, needs disablers/dmg dealer with him


:aggressive: just my opinion

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You can't just categorize them as op, not op or needs work . An op druid is 10x more op than an op shaman in arena. Have you tried arena on mountains side lately?  Elf have tons of dmg lots of heal and cc. I hope GM keep the game as it is, this is only the beginning,  wait till all newb have their skills set correctly.  We're still in testing stages on new skills but I can start seeing the difference already.  I always have a better chance in winning vs mountains/forsaken. My predictions: changes will be made with upcoming update after the holidays, if not, elf will dominate arena and tours.

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I also point the new expert skills as the main reason for unbalance in favour of chosen/firstborns.


The first package of expert skills came out more or less balanced, a few adjustments on them and it would be almost all good.


But the few fixes needed on first package didn't happen and then the second + third expert skils packages came out and it became what we can see at this moment.


i really think aigrind team should take a look on experts, evaluate them and rework where is needed, so that the game can have balance among the factions.

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firstborn & chosen advantages is population, many stunt skills, all in all they are far more better in arena and war.


for 1vs1 both side are near to balance, but for war and arena  :facepalm:


place the banners -> stunts -> attack -> stunts -> attack + banners => rip mcs


so this is useless

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Bd = Is kinda op, but i dont think devs can do anything to make it less op other than making it as poop as it was.

Druid = op heals need nerf.

Ranger = still too pew pew, give them defensive skills and nerf fire arrow and the new skill.


Mage = Buff it up.

Pala = banner dmg reduction and i dont care anymore. Pretty balanced.

Priest= balanced


Shaman = bit on the op side but not too op. lightning shield dmg reduction would do it.

Rogue = op, reduce elusive jump damage and it's all good and well

Barb = better, but still needs buff


Warlock = getting back to the op status with the introduction of the expert that stops you from using skills -> infinite stun lock. It's necessary tho.

Necro = could use a buff but i like it nontheless, maybe 1 damage skill would do it.

Dk = needs a buff asap.


Expert skills have been favouring sentinels and i would like them to be changed some what.


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