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new skill idea


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the Necromancer is an old class in the game, so adding an attractive ability to it is sure to attract new players and players who have stopped playing. 


Skill: undead minion

skill type: passive


while the character is in combat he will receive stacks of "essence of death" every time an ally or enemy dies within 5 meters Upon reaching 10 stacks, an undead minion is summoned, 1 stack per monster and 10 stacks per player, only one undead minion can be summoned at a time 



undead minion stays alive until killed 

the minion follows the character and always attacks the first enemy that enters combat with the character 


the minion gains the character's attributes 

1/4 70% - 2/4 80% - 3/4 90% - 4/4 100% of the character's HP 

The minion deals melee damage based on 1/4 80% - 2/4 90% - 3/4 100% - 4/4 110% of the character's spell power 





I created this concept art in just 21 minutes, but I think it represents the visual style I had in mind. 


even if the minion is still alive the Necromancer keeps accumulating "Essence of Death" if the minion dies another one and summoned



this detail is crucial so that the skill does not become useless in Dungeons 


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What about  mine


Name: toxic mist

Appearance: creates a 5x5 area with a green mist.

Description: if a enemy is under toxic mist decrease his movement speed by 45%/50%/55%/60%,  also decrease his health if  move or use skills inside the mist by 4%/6%/8%/10% (every 1 sec if moving) 


Features :

-skill duration 7/8/9/10 seconds 

- 2/2/3/4 enemy players affected, unlimited mobs

- you can resist  the movement speed debuff but not the health decrease

- 40 sec  cd



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