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BD shield talent adjustment request

US Evil

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I recommend correcting the BD's shield talent.


Since it's based on MAX HP right now, its absorbing very high values with low skill cd.


I think this needs to be changed to work based on the REMAINING HP or increase the cooldown of the skill.

Alsowhen the shield is activated, since it inflicts 0 damage, it is very difficult to survive because you cannot LIFESTEAL.


The survivability of the class in GvG as well as arena is insane.

Screenshot_20221121-162235_Warspear Online.jpg

Screenshot_20221121-162241_Warspear Online.jpg

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12 horas atrás, Eduro disse:

#Fabricacion yes yes, we already saw that you only want to justify a broken character to continue ruining the game

Ruins the game where? 1x1?


People complain about bd since it was put in the game, a class that doesn't offer anything relevant to pve, gvg, except in pvp, because of 2 stuns and a resistance because "3 resistance buffs is very difficult to remove alone ".


And guess what? One of his only stuns was nerfed, resistance was nerfed and they took away bd's attack speed. I can't wait to see the bd with active resistance and taking all the debuffs like -45% accuracy, -35% damage, -40% attack speed, mental pit lowering my attack to almost nothing, and they just want even more nerfs because they hate bd because they can't win them in 1v1.


Now if I said that rogue leaving 70% speed together with 60% dodge and still leaving negative precision is very unbalanced, or that chieftain who has resistance, damage reduction, very high damage, needs nerf, what would they say? "Is not the same thing"?

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