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add setting to take item at warehouse for every guild members.

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sir snorlax and sir roland, can add this setting to guild?, with this setting we can avoid stealer at guild or not make someone to be a stealer,

i will explain about this setting, with this setting we can make who can take item, how many item everyday and what rank can take, and please make heir can only kick 2 players everyday....., already 2 times someone kick all newbie and explorer and my guild (kick 18 members).....  :diablo:

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It's a good feature, but it's complicated and I dont think it will be easy to players to control it or understand it or even to devs to make it, anyways, I can say, you must know who you trust before anything.


A piece of advice from my friend:

Clan Stash Looting.



You have to be care to whom you give rank to. Having the stash open can result in stash looting ( stealing all possible items from the stash ).



I'd recommend only a trusted few and the leader should ever be able to take from the stash, and if anybody wants items they must have one of those with rank retrieve it for them. It's the best anti stash loot strategy on offer at this point in time.



Good luck!

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