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2 Offers to Enhance Arena System If you haven't thought of changing it now.


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Hello, I'm Jojorabbit

From: Sv.Eu(Emerald)

(This all write Translate by Google)


     If you don't have any plans to rebrand the Arena System soon., Can you improve the Arena System, I have 2 suggestions.


1.) Disable special buff functions such as

 - Castle Buff.

 - Castle Pots.

 - Territory War.

"To be fair to all players and new players"

     It's too hard to participate in Ranked Arena System battles without the Territory War castles or special buffs.

     All players have abandoned it, including newcomers. Because now there are only a few groups of people who cover it for the benefit all the time. 

     No one wants to buy arena tickets for stock, to enter a ranking contest that has no way to climb the ranks.


2.) Added ability or improve Ignore list Menu"

"For stop joining fake characters by Auto-matching in Arena with real players in lineup. whose name is in the Ignore list"

     Now, many players are trying to take advantage of other players by creating fake characters that are not their main characters. and have joined Auto-matching in Arena System for afk. or get killed for their benefit.

     (In Sv.EU now over 80% of players have been doing this idiots still put AFK. Character in Arena System, Every Mode and Every Season for over 2 years. )

     If you can optimize ignore list, players can handle these issues on their own, in the interest of reducing the banning process. and shorten the review period of the development team


Best regards 

     Jojorabbit Sv.Eu(Emerald)

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