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Beastmaster skill changes


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After 2 months of playing Beastmaster it seems pretty balanced both in PvE and PvP. There are some skills that I think would need changes if anyone would actually use them tho.


лун свет.png Moonlight (active)

Cooldown: 14 sec.
Reduces the enemy's movement speed by 8\14\20\30% for 10 sec. and applies the “Moonlight” debuff to them for 8 sec. The effect deals magic damage equal to 20\25\30\40% of the character's magic power every 2 seconds. Auto-attacks of Moon Monster refresh the duration of the effect.


The damage on Moonlight is just way too low for anyone to level it up. Also the debuff is kinda meh. You can't out run the cat anyway without stuns so it just feels useless. I think there should be another debuff added to the skill to make it viable. Maybe reducing enemy's attack power since elf side is lacking those kind of skills.



возвращ к истокам.png Return to the Roots (active)

Cooldown: 26 sec.

Orders the Moon Monster to return to the character and increases its movement speed by 25\35\45\55%. During the return, the monster is invulnerable. When returning, the monster removes 1\2\2\3 debuffs from the character, including control effects.

If there is no Moon Monster, it removes 1\2\2\3 debuffs from the character, including control effects, and applies the "Tailwind" buff to the character for 6 sec. This buff increases the character's movement speed by 15\20\25\35%.


Sounds like a cool skill on paper but it just doesn't work. You can't use the skill while under controlling effects and timing the skill when most of the time your cat is standing on the same place as you is just impossible. Currently the only use for the skill is to reset cats aggro. Also I think the Tailwind buff should be appplied to the character even if you use it with the cat and it's duration should be increased. 


In the class info it says the class is mobile and fast and currently that just isn't the case. 

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