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Necromancer rebalance suggestions


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As of now, the necromancer class can be described as a supporter/debuffer with many situational skills and indirect damage.

I suppose this is what developers and game designers had in mind when designing this class.

This a good concept that doesn't need to change. However there are a few problems with HOW this concept is implemented, specially considering the current meta:


1) Skills are too situational

It's ok for some skills to be situational, but some of them are completely useless depending on the scenario (I'm talking about "Fateful connection" and "Dead Soldier").


2) Lack of Survivability

In the current meta, many classes can quickly dish out a lot of direct damage. Necromancer can be easily killed even if you play at the backline trying to support your team. This is further aggravated by the next item in the list: lack of range.


3) Lack of range

Most defensive skills (heal, shield, nightmare, panic) have poor range. This makes it exceptionally dangerous to support your team given that necro is very frail and still has to stay very close to the heat of the battle to do some support. 


4) Lack of skill synergy

Necromancer skills simply just don't work well together. Specially considering all of it's stuns (nightmare and panic) are interrupted by any kind of damage while also considering necro has a lot of "area of effect" skills with periodic damage. Mix in with Warspear's infamous "position desync bug", and you have a very frustrating class to play.


5) Resists

This is perhaps the worst problem with the class. There are too many ways to resist debuffs in the current meta (relics, resistance status, expert skills). This makes it so that half of necro skills will simply not work sometimes. So in the end of the day you have a very frail class with skills that won't always work.




Skill balance suggestions


Here are my skill adjustment suggestions considering the aforementioned problems with the class:


Deathly eye

We understand deathly eye cooldown had to be increased because of the introduction of relics. But that made an useless skill even more useless and impractical.


1) Deathly eye has a chance to remove one of target's positive effects. The chance of removing positive effect increases with the skill level (being 100% at level 5).

2) Now the "deathly eye" debuff increases the duration and power of other debuffs (could be only infection and mental pit) inflicted on target. Duration of other debuffs increases with skill level and number of "deathly eye" stacks inflicted on the target.

3) Now it can be "comboed" with "Fateful connection" the same way as "Infection".



Now only direct damage attacks can remove the sleep effect (damage over time like poison, poison shield and "Fateful Connection" damage won't remove sleep debuff).


Fateful connection

Now the skill also reduces all the targets resistance stat to 0.


Dead soldier

Skill will always spawn at least 1 soldier, even if no corpses on the area.


Mental pit

Now it can be "comboed" with "Fateful connection" the same way as "Infection".


New expert skill (Ancient Will)

Increases the range of all basic skills (not expert skills). Can also be used on allies. Duration and extended range increases with skill level (could be only 1 or 2 yards extended range).


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Give necromancer the ability to summon some weak skeletons as a new expert skill or even summon a large bone golem :barbarian:

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