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Adjustment for Beastmaster Skills


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✓Beastial Rampage: Beastmaster also can gain attack speed and increase it duration by 10 seconds in exchange reduce skill heal and dmage by 5%. 

✓ Adjust the reduction of the damage skill Chain Lightning, as i observed the damage of the near end bounce is 0.

✓Increase the movement speed of the Moon in Return skill also the moon can die even you use the Return.

✓Increase the duration of the Moon touch debuff by 2 seconds in exchange reduce magic power.

✓Soul Connection (Passive) the effect should be vice versa, if the BM heal a total of 10% by potion or steal health the hp the Moon will heal too by 2-5% of the hp of Moon.

✓Order to Attack, instead of increasing the next attack by 25% better if the moon will attack 2-3 times rapidly(90% atk speed) to a target.

✓Forest Symbol must have a continues damage 5% of magic/physical damage every second, so Moon will attack it automatically.






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