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Didnt take gp from heroic

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I  was spaming heroic, and once i died at the middle of the way and i revived  back to camp, as we always do, heroic take 2 stam and 10min left for the first stam so i waited outside until it ends so i can enter as new new, while those 10min i left party and did griduar quests, then at time 1m i rejoined my heroic party, as soon as stam ended i entered and went to boss alone 8), i reached and boss hp was 100k so i help with killing him and i got pots :tease: as i left tower i checked if they will give me gp and they did saying ( Gangnastar 600 ) i checked my gp list at guild and it wasnt added there i had 26436 and i was expecting to reach 27k by this heroic and i didnt my gp list stayed the same :facepalm:

i went another heroic without dying and i got gp so now im 27k gp

but why i didnt receive gp from that heroic if they put it on ending list??



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