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Priest holy shield now


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I am a newbie with priest and would like to ask about how does the holy shield works now?I mean the damage that it can take,is it pure from the skill level (like lvl 1 = 200dmg,lvl 2 = 300dmg) or based from your defense ( means higher you defense take more damage ) or is it based from your magic power ( like lvl 1 with 300 magic power = 500 dmg,lvl 1 with 250 magic power = 400 dmg ) ?



Thanks and I appreciate any information that you can provided  ;D

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So I did the research myself on my new build priest ( level 7 now).Try to unequip my gear that dont have magic power stat and the result is the same with full equip gear.Next I try to unequip my gear that have magic stat in it and the result is the shield can take less damage.The conclusion I can say is the holy shield is based from your skill level and magic power.I will do a more detail research when I have time and will share it here,maybe  ::)

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Can anyone tell me the best equips cards to spam holy light..

I have seen some priest can spam Holy Light like hell.. Its like dont have delay..

So.. please tell me if anyone knew how..

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