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I see that the number of rogues in the game has decreased a lot on the server, I think there could be some improvement in the rogue's area damage.
The rogue already has a dagger throwing skill, but I don't understand why it has 2 skills that do the same functions.
Steel blast and ricochet are practically the same.
Maybe it would be better if the ricochet skill changed the mechanics a bit, with some additional effect.
1 - Suggestion: when using the ricochet skill, the rogue has a chance to cause the bleed effect on all targets hit.
2- Suggestion: when using the ricochet skill, the rogue throws a dagger that marks all targets around him, all targets that are marked within 2 meters of distance receive the damage of the rogue's auto attacks. (Only targets that are marked)
3- Suggestion: when using the ricochet skill the rogue has a small chance to push targets back.
4- Suggestion: when using the stab skill together with the back kick skill, targets that are in the sleep debuff (stabbing), also receive the effect of the back kick skill in area.
Example: now the rogue applies the effect of the stab skill up to 1 meter away in the last updates, I was wondering what it would be like if the rogue applied the effect of taking away accuracy within 1 meter on everyone who is in the sleep effect of the skill (to stab).
It would be great for a good defense and would also be a good skill combo.
However, the main target hit would receive the full debuff effect, and the others only a reduced amount of the area accuracy debuff.
The absolute reflexes skill isn't used that much either, so it would be better to trade the dodge + attack speed effect for dodge + penetration or
dodge + stamina
dodge + attack strength.

These were some ideas I had, I hope I made it all very easy to understand.
The rogue is one of the only classes that have abilities that do the same functions.
Ricochet + steel blast AND slayer + absolute reflexes could have different buffs and combos....

The game gets more interesting when we have multiple ways to use a skill 🙂

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I believe you're talking you talking about the "Flurry of Steel" when you say "Steel Blast".

1- 3: Flurry of steel and Ricochet are already different enough, Flurry of Steal has a chance of stunning, Ricochet has a bit of area damage. That's the difference. If we gave ricochet a chance of push back, like you said in suggestion 3, it would be even MORE similar to Flurry of Steel. A mark with Ricochet wouldn't be that bad actually, but not for damage.

4: The area of effect sleep is just crazy, imagine a rogue being able to isolate his target from an entire team, it wouldn't be a good skill combo, it would be just op, make everyone sleep and then blow up the squishy target, that's not a good skill combo at all. Rogues are lacking in the area of effect department, but that's kinda of their deal. High single target damage. Whenever you think about adding something new you need to see how it can be used to cover the weaknesses of the class. How do you deal with rogues? Stay close to your allies and don't be caught alone, that's how you counter rogues, we don't want to change that. Giving rogue's mass paralysis would kill that, it would kill counter play and would only be fun for the rogue. Now how would you deal with rogues? You wouldn't! Play only tanks?

Yes, absolute reflexes is boring, but yeah, most classes have at least one boring passive skill. Not every skill needs to be complex.

I do have some ideas about giving rogues a better combos with Ricochet:

1 - Ricochet should be able to be used together with Poisonous Blades. The Rogue would be able to spread the poison from Poisonous Blades to everyone hit by Ricochet. At the down side that if poison was spread to multiple targets, it would deal less damage to each individual target. Here, the Rogue would have to choose between two options: Massive poison damage in one target, or average poison damage in multiple targets.

2 - Ricochet should be able to be used together with Gouge (Gouge would be on hit skill like Poisonous Blades). You would activate Gouge, and your next attack would apply the Paralysis de-buff without revealing just as it is right now. But, the Rogue could instead use Ricochet, be revealed, and apply a slow on all enemies hit (Notice, an slow, not mass paralysis, that would be insanely broken). Here, the Rogue would have to choose between two options: A strong paralysis in a single enemy and be able to stay invisible, or slow in multiple enemies at the cost of being revealed.


3 - About the marks, I like the idea of marks, but not just for damage, maybe reducing the cooldown of Elusive Jump if targeting a marked enemy?

Notice how this actually adds combo value, it adds choice and game play, but also does not break the hero.


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