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[2022.10.22] Update Warspear Online 11.1: Shadows of Morsilvania. Announcement 


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The Median Night is approaching - the time when monsters living in nightmares take on their terrifying appearance, and scary stories that chill the blood come true! If you are not too easily scared, then welcome to the previously unknown Morsilvania, the mystical and sinister habitat of vampires! 


A huge bat brings in its paws a book, the tattered cover of which is decorated with the inscription “Guide to Morsilvania”. When you open the book, you find on the pages filled with Gothic type annotations made in familiar clumsy handwriting. This is a message from Barker!


“Morsilvania has been famous for its rich traditions since ancient times (Barker’s note - “traditions to lie without blushing - because the dead do not blush”). Visit this mysterious island - and you will never forget what you saw (“yeah, if you're lucky to stay alive”)! Take a walk through the picturesque cemeteries by the light of the moon (“how about no!”), Inspect the ruins of ancient ziggurats (“not really feeling like it, sorry”), have a picnic on one of the lawns of the Night Forest (“and in a minute you will become an appetizer for someone else’s picnic). And your journey will end in the Black Castle, whose owners, according to the ancient traditions of hospitality, will offer a gourmet dinner so that you can appreciate the dishes of Morsilvanian cuisine (“I would not risk eating from that table, valuing my life!”). Morsilvania awaits!


A little lower, Barker hastily scrawled a few lines.


“Getting down to business. Our Master has again landed in some kind of binding - and again vampires are involved here. No time to explain, come to Morsilvania as quickly as you can before it's too late. I've had enough of vampires, cursed castles and bloody things - I'm fed up with them!





P.S. Yes, and stock up on garlic!

P.P.S. and don't forget about the aspen stakes too!”


It seems that the place for the Horror Circus was chosen by Sam Hein for a reason, because due to the intrigues of vampire families, the world is about to plunge into darkness. Only the defenders of Arinar can resist the machinations of vampires and avoid all the tricks, but first, let's take a good look at the new festive island!


Festive Island 


As soon as you step into the bleak expanses of Morsilvania, you’ll understand that something is clearly wrong with this place. The mysterious island is shrouded in silent darkness and unsteady fog, creeping from all sides on a gaping traveler. Not a single ray of sunlight illuminates the bizarre landscapes of Morsilvania... However, the inhabitants of the island do not miss clear days, because the reddish flickering of lanterns and the flame of torches have long replaced the light of the sun for them!




Distant ancestors of the vampires who now live on Morsilvania were elves who fell under the influence of the jakkars. Under the guidance of their dark mentors, the elves performed bloody rituals, dreaming of gaining immortality, but along with eternal life, they received an unquenchable thirst for blood and fear of sunlight. Gradually, representatives of the three largest families of vampires - the Strigoi, the Nosferatu and the Night Aristocracy, managed to free themselves from the influence of the jakkars and settle throughout the island, each choosing a habitat to their liking. 


It seems that all the roads on the island lead to the black obsidian castle that rises in the centre of the island. Surrounded by an impenetrable forest, the Black Castle belongs to the lineage of the Night Aristocracy - vampires who adopted arrogance and sophistication from their elf ancestors. Strigoi live in the Night Forest near the Black Castle - bloodthirsty and wild vampires, like animals. And on the outskirts of the island, in the ruins of ziggurats, representatives of the Nosferatu clan settled - vampires, whose dangerous rituals brought a curse on them that distorted their appearance and struck their minds. To visit each of the famous vampire families, you will have to stretch your legs properly!


Weekly Guild Tournament “Median Night Tournament”


Once upon a time, the strongest unions of vampires, elves and humans living in Morsilvania tirelessly competed in martial arts, honing and improving their skills. In memory of those legendary times, Sam Hein decided to establish a weekly Arinar Guild Tournament! All guilds from level 2 and above take part in the tournament, so it's time to unite! With the start of the tournament, your combat alliance will be distributed into a group corresponding to the level of your guild and without regard to membership in the alliance. 


Guild Distribution


Division A: Guilds from level 10 to 12 

Division B: Guilds from levels 6 to 9

Division C: Guilds from levels 2 to 5


RU-Topaz, RU-Ruby

Division A: guilds from 8 to 12 levels

Division B: guilds from 5 to 7 levels

Division C: guilds from 2 to 4 levels



Division A: Guilds from levels 4 to 12

Division B: Guilds from levels 2 up to level 3


BR-Tourmaline, EU-Emerald, US-Sapphire

Division A: guilds from 8 to 12 levels

Division B: guilds from 5 to 7 levels

Division C: guilds from 2 to 4 levels


Compete with other combat alliances within your division in the amount of the “Essence of Horror” event currency earned by all guild players, and get unique rewards! And you can now find out the progress of your guild in the Activity Center! The “Guild Statistics” button is available in the Guild Tournament menu.


Event currency “Essence of Horror”


Only during the celebration of the Median Night, you can get a unique event currency “Essence of Horror”! To do this, perform various activities on Morsilvania:

  • Completing story and daily quests (90 units, no more than 900 per day)
  • Passage of dungeons (90 units, no more than 900 per day)
  • Participation in killing a raid boss (100 points, unlimited)

In addition, this valuable currency will be given to you as one of the rewards for participating in guild events! The maximum amount of "Essence of Horror" that you can store in your bag is 35,000! You will be able to track the progress of obtaining the “Essence of Horror” in the “Currencies” section of the main menu.


Talents of the Median Night


You can exchange the accumulated currency "Essence of Horror" for unique event talents of the Median Night! The learned talents will stay with you forever, but the currency for upgrading them can only be earned during the holiday, so hurry up!




oshel power 1.png Stunning Power: Rank I
Increases character skill damage against monsters of the Normal class by 1.5 / 3% with a chance equal to the value of the “Stun” parameter.


go power 2.png Stunning Power: Rank II
Increases character skill damage against monsters of the Strong class by 1.5 / 3% with a chance equal to the value of the “Stun” parameter.


go power 3.png Stunning Power: Rank III

Increases character skill damage against monsters of the Elite class by 1.5 / 3% with a chance equal to the value of the “Stun” parameter.


go power 4.png Stunning Power: Rank IV
Increases character skill damage against mini-bosses, bosses and raid-bosses by 1.5 / 3% with a chance equal to the value of the “Stun” parameter.


10.png Stunning Might

Increases character skill damage against enemy minions by 1 / 2% with a chance equal to the value of the “Stun” parameter.


stun pets.png Minion Stun

Increases the “Stun” parameter of the character's minions by 1.5 / 3%.


char botin.png Bewitching High Shoes of Stunning
Increases the bonus from enchanting high shoes with a Crystal of Stun by 1 level. 


enchantment weapon is gone.png Bewitching weapon of Stunning

Increases the bonus from enchanting a weapon with a Crystal of Stun by 1 level.


stun.png Long Stun
Increases the effect duration of the Stun bonus by 0.1 / 0.2 sec.


1.png Stunning Deliverance
Removes 1 control effect from the character with a chance equal to the value of the “Stun” parameter. This effect only works once every 30 seconds.

vamp takeaway 1.png Vampire Stamina: Rank I
Reduces incoming damage to the character from a critical hit from monsters of the Normal class by 1.5 / 3% with a chance equal to the “Steal Health” parameter.


vamp takeaway 2.png Vampire Stamina: Rank II

Reduces incoming damage to the character from a critical hit from monsters of the Strong class by 1.5 / 3 % with a chance equal to the “Steal Health” parameter.


vamp takeaway 3.png Vampire Stamina: Rank III

Reduces incoming damage to the character from a critical hit from monsters of the Elite class by 1.5 / 3% with a chance equal to the “Steal Health” parameter.


vamp takeaway 4.png Vampire Stamina: Rank IV
Reduces incoming damage to the character from a critical hit from mini-bosses, bosses and raid-bosses by 1.5 / 3% with a chance equal to the “Steal Health” parameter.


vamp vs.png  Vampire Confrontation
Reduces incoming damage to the character from a critical hit of enemy minions by 1 / 2% with a chance equal to the value of the “Steal Health” parameter.


stealing health pets.png Minion Steal Health
Increases the “Steal Health” parameter of the character's minions by 2.5 / 5%.


enchant ring wamp.png Bewitching Ring of Vampirism
Increases the bonus from enchanting rings with a Vampirism Rune by 1 level.


char amul wamp.png Bewitching Amulet of Vampirism

Increases the bonus from enchanting amulets with a Vampirism Rune by 1 level.


char cloak wamp.png Bewitching Cloak of Vampirism
Increases the bonus from enchanting cloaks with a Vampirism Rune by 1 level.

wamp.png Vampire Deliverance
Removes 1 debuff from the character, excluding control effects, with a chance equal to “Steal Health” parameter. This effect only works once every 30 seconds.


Holiday quests


Don't trust the vampires just yet, because they plotted not only against the Prince of the Median Night, but also against the whole Arinar! Each of you will have to find out what the vampires are up to, undermine the power of the three vampire families and identify the main conspirator. A mysterious resident of the island has agreed to help you with this...




The daily tasks that await you on Morsilvania are no less exciting: deal with sassy pumpkins with one bite, defeat sleeping vampires with aspen stakes, light lanterns at post stations, destroy werewolves and ghouls of all stripes, ravage vampire shrines and don't forget to fill your bag with silver bullets and bunches of garlic! In addition, become a real legend of PvP-battles in the "Dead Man's Grin" tavern or in the territory of the enemy Alliance! 


Please note that for a number of tasks the new mechanics of dynamically changing the level of a game character will be used. A similar system, but only with a level increase, already works in some arena modes. As soon as you get to locations with this mechanics, the level of your character will change (increase or decrease) to the virtual level set in this territory. The level of items worn on the character will also change, the values of parameters, skills and bonuses depending on the level will change. When using items in this territory and distributing items dropped from monsters, the virtual level of the character will be taken into account, but you will not be able to use items and equipment with requirements higher than your real level.


A change in the virtual level will be indicated by the color indication of the game level in the character widget and equipment slots, a special icon to the right of the character widget, as well as a hint window when entering the territory.




The dungeons of Morsilvania keep in their darkness the traces of a cruel and long struggle between vampire families and a clan of hunters that once took place on the island. Now vampire slayers have turned into dangerous and ruthless monsters, and the reason for this Evuraim - the first hunter.


Many centuries ago, Morsilvania was a country where the war of all against all did not stop: at that time, the vampires were opposed by a clan of hunters. Evuraim in his quest to outdo the immortal bloodsuckers went too far, Evuraim developed a mutagen in his laboratory, designed to sharpen the senses and increase the strength of the hunters. But something went wrong - and the mutagen turned Evuraim and his associates into terrible dead, hating all life with inhuman fury.




Remember that on the island of Morsilvania, nothing is what it seems, and the hunters who are crazed live in their hideout along with the vampires. Get ready to solve all the mysteries of the hunter's dungeon by clearing all the rooms on the way to the boss! In addition, after completing the third room, your group will have access to the bestiary of hunters, which is necessary for completing the story mission. An important condition: the room will open provided that at least one player in the group has a task to find a bestiary.


World Event “In the Footsteps of Fear”


Morsilvania holds many secrets, one of which you will find out right now! In the darkness of the Black Castle, whose oldest rooms still remember the dominion of the jakkars, there remains a reminder of the terrible experiments carried out by the servants of Garaan. One of the monsters created as a result of these experiments is called the Original. Someone released her from the castle, and since then she has been kidnapping the inhabitants of the island in an attempt to recreate those just like her. To capture the Original, you need to gather the most courageous and determined warriors!


The first stage “Preparing for the campaign”

The monster must be destroyed, and Sebastian, as a famous vampire hunter, asks you to collect supplies for the journey. The villagers have already brought carts, but they were attacked by lesser vampires who joined the Original - defeat them and take the supplies away!


The second stage “Through the night”

The path to the Black Castle lies through the forest, fraught with many dangers. However, not all forest dwellers want to devour travelers. The forest hut is home to Old Quack, a bullywug who has sworn to serve the light even in these dark lands. He is ready to lead the heroes of Arinar through the forest if they protect him from the monsters. Try to stay close to Old Kwak, the power of his light will help you cope with the misfortune!




The third stage “Restored ziggurat”
The further path runs through the possessions of the Nosferatu. This vampire clan has chosen for itself the gloomy ruins of stone statues, once built by the jakkars and their servants. Some vampires from this clan tried to restore one of the ziggurats, and the cursed stones further clouded their minds. Destroy the ziggurat to free the Nosferatu from their madness. However, those who have been under his influence for too long cannot be saved - they will protect the statue at the cost of their own lives. Be careful, the ziggurat feels its followers, and the more of them, the more difficult it will be to cope with the creation of demons!


The fourth stage "Blind Rimus”

Some inhabitants of the island do not just serve vampires, but revere them as gods. They believe their lives belong to the Original and want to protect the vampire! Rimus calls himself the head of this cult and set out to block the path of the heroes of Arinar. The warrior is very dangerous, he is sure that he is invulnerable, since he is kept by the Original. However, Rimus is blind, and loud noises can throw him off balance. That is why he destroyed every bell he could find. Repair the ringing bell, the haze will subside from its ringing, and Rimus will know the wrath of the heroes of Arinar!




Fifth stage “Protection of the village”

Servants of the Original attacked the village near the Black Castle! Residents need to be saved and given the opportunity to leave, but quickly! If you see a goon with a sack coming out of the house, attack quickly - the poor villagers are in his sack! Rescue them and take them to the stagecoach, so they can go to safety.


The sixth stage “The Original”

The goal is close, the monster went hunting to personally fight the heroes of Arinar! Be careful, this is a very dangerous opponent, capable of draining life energy from everyone around! Hide near houses and fences if you spot a threat, but don't stay there too long. Servants of the Original are hiding among these cursed buildings, and between the stones they are practically invulnerable!




Restart time: on schedule.


Tournament guild event on the GvG territory “Vampire Feast”


It may seem that an invitation to a feast promises a festive feast with friendly gatherings, but don't rejoice ahead of time! To win, your guild will not only have to defeat opponents from other battle alliances, but also deal with nightmarish vampire minions, as well as destroy their cargo!


The Vampire Council is a remarkable event that takes place in accordance with strict regulations. A prerequisite for holding a council is a feast with many guests. The heads of the great clans will gather in the Black Castle and watch how the strongest guilds of Arinar clash with representatives of families and other night creatures. The great vampires will reward the best of the best with great wealth. However, it will not be easy to win - defeat rivals from other guilds and destroy forest monsters. Feel free to enter where the bloody fog spreads - it is there that the reward is most valuable. Also, try to rob the wagon of vampire leeches as soon as you find it! The battle will take place in the darkest forest, where, according to legend, the spirits of Valdemar and his minions hid! If you find them and defeat them, the heads of clans will not be stingy with the reward!




Your guild will be able to prepare for battle in one of 4 military camps, free from PvP-skirmishes and surrounded on three sides by impenetrable forest. At the exits from the camps, you will notice several forest paths, but they are not intended for the heroes of Arinar at all! You will soon realize that these broken roads not only permeate the entire area of the event, but are also used from time to time to transport mysterious cargo. The gloomy thicket in which you will find yourself, closer to the center, will be replaced by a vast cemetery, which has a cruciform shape. 


As you understand, to survive in the territory of this event, you will need all your endurance and composure! In the first two minutes after the start of the event, you will be able to properly warm up by destroying PvP-monsters, cracking down on other players and gaining points:

  • killing a regular PvP monster - 10 points
  • killing a player - 10 points

Starting at 3 minutes, one of three areas of interest will be activated, each with three possible difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty level of the area of interest, the more points the guild will receive for meeting its conditions. You will learn about the activation of the area of interest from the messages in the game chat, and the necessary locations will be indicated by special markers on the map. Areas of interest and their complexity will replace one another with a certain frequency, and the most difficult tests will appear much less frequently than others. In addition, events of different difficulty levels can overlap in one location, which will add excitement to all participants in the battle! 




So, what kinds of tests has the Vampire Council prepared for the guilds?


#1. Inhabitants of the Mist

The dark forest thicket is simply teeming with monsters, but you can earn the most points only where everything is shrouded in a bloody fog! Try to exterminate as many monsters as possible, but beware of the bloody madness that takes over you more and more while you are in the locations marked with markers on the map.


#2. Spirit Slayers

Ancient vampires - Valdemar, Cruella and Dragosh are imprisoned in a cemetery in the heart of the forest thicket, but their spirits still dream of retribution! After receiving a message about the readiness of the bosses to battle, go to capture the vampires! Rest their souls and get points for killing each boss!


#3. Looting wagons
Black wagons pulled by dead horses are moving along the forest paths… Your task is to destroy the cargo they carry! The vampire spell made the wagons invulnerable, but only as long as the defenders accompanying the cargo are alive. The cart will be destroyed as soon as the last defender in the location falls, and then you will see its contents! Exterminate the parasites that crawl out of the cart and get points for killing each monster!


Please note that most monsters and all bosses in the event area will have a PvP-status: they will take into account the PvP-characteristics of the player. The task of the players of your guild is to respond with lightning speed to switching areas of interest and get ahead of other combat alliances in the number of points scored for completing activities:

  • killing a player - 10 points
  • killing an ordinary PvP-monster - 10 points
  • killing a strong PvP-monster - 30 points
  • killing a monster from a cart - 50 points
  • killing an elite PvP-monster - 100 points
  • killing the spirit of Cruella - 5,000 points
  • killing the spirit of Dragosh - 15,000 points
  • killing the spirit of Valdemar - 50,000 points

The winning guild is the one with the most points at the end of the event.


Restart time: on schedule.


Guild event on the dedicated territory “Castle of Justice”


The warriors of Arinar have been called by the prince of the Median Night to bring justice to Morsilvania! The peace treaty concluded between vampires, elves and humans has been constantly violated lately, and the reason for this is the bloody judge Stefan, whose mind has fallen under the influence of jakkars. Join the forces of your guild so that justice will be done!


I stage “First edict”

The first edict stated that there should be no enmity and bloodshed. Such was the great law that ensured peace between the peoples of Arinar and the vampires before the eyes of the gods. The humble Stefan, in whom there was a vampire and human nature, was appointed a judge. The time of peace did not last long, the servants of the jakkars - shadows, clouded Stefan's mind. He became one with the law and decided that if there were no people and vampires in the world, there would be no enmity, which means that the first edict would be observed! The shadows to this day guard the first edict, locked in the heart of the Guardian - a sleeping stone warrior. Strike the shadows and bring the ancient tablets to life!


I edict total .gif


II stage “Second edict”
The second edict allowed only the Guardian to punish lawbreakers. The shadows advised Stefan to personally carry out the sentences, and to kill the Guardian. Stefan did not have the courage to deal with the Guardian, and he only weakened him. Jakkar’s shadows circle around him, but if their darkness is dispelled and the Guardian healed, he will help restore the Contract. If the healers do not have enough skill to cure the Guardian, pour water from the sacred wells on the Healing Altar.


From a long imprisonment, the Guardian of the tablets has weakened, and it is only in your power to restore his health! Aggressive dead creatures will interfere with the healing of the Guardian, so exterminate them without a trace or fill the healing altar with water from the sacred well, which can be obtained near the battlefield. Remember that the maximum value of the guardian's health directly depends on the number of players in the territory of the event.


III stage “Bloody judge Stefan”

Stefan is no longer worthy to keep the Contract. He must be punished for his deeds. The Guardian opened the entrance to the habitation - hurry to defeat the Bloody Judge! However, beware of its power, sometimes you will have to follow its laws in order to survive!


Even weakened by your attacks, the bloody judge demands submission to his will! In addition to combat skills, the boss has 4 orders in his arsenal, which he will give randomly. You will learn about the given order from the information messages in the location chat, and the symbol will light up above the boss's head when the order is announced.




Keep in mind that Judge Stefan will become almost invulnerable during some orders, but you will be seriously injured if you do not obey him! Follow orders to save your own life, but do not forget about your main goal - to kill the boss!


Conditions of activation: complete 10 times any of the dungeons at the Horror Circus.

Restart time: 16 hours after the event ends.


Guild event in the open world “Outcast pack”


Once upon a time a tribe of werewolves was in charge of Morsilvania, but the vampire families forced them to flee! Holding a grudge, the werewolves are going to attack the inhabitants of Arinar. Get ahead of the monsters and strike first!


Vampires and werewolves are blood enemies. Both species are not able to get along together. However, the vampires are trying to build a civilized society and make contact with other races of Arinar. Werewolves, driven by a heavy curse of blood, like mad dogs, hate all living things. Once the island was inhabited only by werewolves and their minions, but with the arrival of vampires, everything has changed. The werewolves were herded into the old catacombs under the Black Castle, all entrances to which are protected by vampire guardians. Over the many years spent in captivity, werewolves have adapted to life and hunting in the cramped corridors of the catacombs. The traveler who sets foot in these dungeons is doomed to a terrible death in the claws of monsters, which he will notice only when it is too late. All these years, the werewolves, led by the mad king, have been accumulating strength for revenge. Their hungry, embittered, and cursed leaders gathered armies under their banners, ready to fall on Arinar at any moment. Werewolves must be stopped!


Conditions of activation: gather 5000 Guild points.

Restart time: 12 hours after the event ends.





The Alpha-werewolf is preparing to lead a pack of young and hot werewolves. This incredibly strong male, even among relatives, stands out for unbridled cruelty. Showing cowardice or weakness in front of him means signing your own death warrant.


Winged werewolf

This werewolf is the only one of his tribe who can fly. The wings make this werewolf not only an incomparable scout and hunter, but also a truly terrible opponent who can compete on equal terms with any of the vampires.

Demonic werewolf

The demonic werewolf terrifies even his fellow tribesmen. His appearance is truly terrible. It is said that the black blood of jakkars flows through the veins of a demonic werewolf - it fills his eyes during the battle, covering the werewolf's gaze with a veil of battle madness!


Werewolf leader

By right of birth, the king's heir becomes the leader of the selective packs of werewolves. Mighty and courageous, the leader always sets an example for his flock - and there is no one among the living who would not be afraid of his wild, terrible howling in the night!


Mad King Wulfred

Mad King Wulfred took over the reins as the werewolves were herded into the old catacombs beneath Castle Black by vampires. For many years he dreamed of revenge, until his mind was clouded. Now the king is waiting for the full moon to rise in order to lead an army of werewolves to storm the Vampire Castle.


The wolf's lair is spread over five underground levels and is securely guarded by cruel werewolf servants! We strongly do not recommend walking through the underground catacombs alone, because in this case a powerful attack by an invisible enemy is guaranteed. Try to stick together with your comrades, or be ready to use skills and items that allow a hidden enemy to show up, and join the battle! You can also deal with werewolves outside of the event, because these predators are always ready for a fight!


Raid Bosses


No one knows for sure what the heads of the vampire clans are thinking about, hiding in their royal chambers in the Black Castle. One thing is clear: the best way to put an end to the intrigues of vampires is to deal with all three rulers at once!


Uzmak the Cruel

Uzmak seized power by vilely murdering the former king of the Strigois. He tried in vain to copy the appearance of the Night Aristocracy - but in the end he earned only the ridicule of some and the contempt of others. And then Uzmak began to build power on strength and cruelty, in which he succeeded greatly. However, he never managed to overcome his weakness for expensive outfits.


Master Tarrinis

Tarrinis, Master of Nosferatu spent centuries in secret laboratories in the ruins of ziggurats. His body is disfigured by countless experiments - that's why the master has lost the ability to move independently, relying on the levitating throne. Tarrinis's face is disfigured by terrible mutations and therefore hidden behind an iron mask. They say the master only shows it to his victims at their last moment.




Velorina de Rouen

The majestic Countess Velorina de Rouen is the embodiment of the vicious beauty of the Night Aristocracy. There is deceit in her smile, and the tip of her sword is thin, like a thin line between life and death, between knighting and execution on the scaffold. It is said that the wine mixed with blood in the goblet of the Countess de Rouen allows her to maintain eternal youth and beauty.


The heads of the vampire families are accustomed to acting in concert, so they appear in their royal chambers at the same time. Moreover, in order to revive the defeated bosses again, you will first have to deal with all three!

Each of the three vampires has a special battle art: Uzmak the Cruel is able to strike with extraordinary force, Tarrinis will rain dangerous blood on you, and Velorina de Rouen delivers well-aimed blows with projectiles from a goblet of bloody drink. Feel free to fight with the supreme vampires, but be prepared for the fact that they will use the help of special defenders who will surround them with an inaccessible shield. Quickly destroy all the minions of the vampires, and then attack the bosses again!


Well, the last clue: do you remember that you are dealing with vampires? The rulers of vampire families, finally weakening, will restore their health from your attacks.




Where, if not in an amusement park, the heroes of Arinar can take a breath after a particularly brutal battle?! Choose the entertainment of your choice: deal with brazen zombies with a hammer, turn into a vampire and catch the villagers or destroy monsters with the help of towers! Earn Good Luck Tokens, exchange them for prizes at the Souvenir Merchant and return to the amusement park again!


Beat Zombies! (solo, for all levels)

The arrival of so many servants of the night on the island could not pass without a trace for all those who inhabit the world of the living and the world of the dead! Even the dead want to see the vampire council with their own eyes (who still has them). But the inhabitants of the island are not happy with such a neighborhood and already wanted to send the dead to where they came from. If not for Sam Hein, who saw in the sudden invasion an opportunity to entertain the visitors of the Horror Circus! Grab a hammer and hit the zombies right on the head so that they climb back into their graves and not disturb the honest people! The more zombies you manage to stuff, the more generous the showman will be for tokens!




Vampire Evolution (solo, for all levels)

The life of a vampire is hard, hunting for the inhabitants of the island is often exhausting. Especially when they take up arms! However, the more you hunt, the stronger you become! Sam Hein used his magic to make anyone feel like a real vampire! First, you’ll become a weak vampire, capable of biting only villagers and their livestock, and then - a real king of the night, cracking down on hunters! The more successful your hunt is, the more tokens the showman will give you!




Underground Commotion (solo and group, for all levels)

Crazed monsters from no known bloodline are attacking Sam Hein's circus! They filled all the dungeons under the Horror Circus and threaten to rise up soon. It is necessary to quickly build a defense of the towers to hold back the onslaught! Choose towers wisely, different monsters require a different approach - with someone the aspen stake will work more effectively, and someone needs a fireball! The more effective your defense is, the more tokens you can get!




Holiday skills


During the Median Night, unique holiday skills will be available for you! Transform into a mysterious monster and move across Morsilvania with extraordinary speed and call a faithful friend who will help in battle!


icon_hw22_sk1.png Speed of the Night (active skill)

Experience the incredible speed of the horror of the night and become the fastest in the vastness of Morsylvania! The skill is issued for 7 hours as a reward for a world event,

Cannot be used during the “Vampire Feast” event and only works on the Horror Circus.


icon_hw22_sk2.png Croke's Help (active skill)

Even in the darkest of times, you can count on Croke's help. A faithful comrade will always be there. The skill cannot be used during the events "Feast of the Vampires", "Invasion of Chaos", "Trials of Tritons", the capture of the castle and the battle in the arena. The skill is issued for the duration of the Median Night.


The 12th Season of activities


Shortly after the release of the update, the 12th Season of Activities will begin in the Horror Circus! Check out the Activity Center, complete daily and weekly missions, and earn incredible prizes, including a special spooky way to get around the holiday island!


And for owners of the Battle Pass, an additional branch of unique rewards will be available, including an epic costume! In addition, Battle Pass holders receive:

  • additional slots with daily and weekly missions;
  • an additional cell with a reward upon completion of all levels;
  • access to the personal warehouse and the warehouse of the guild from the quick access menu;
  • the possibility of a free hairstyle change at a personal hairdresser.

And don't forget about the nice opportunity to give the Battle Pass to any player from level 6 of the character within your Alliance and game server!




What a holiday without unique achievements! This year, the prince of Median Night has prepared 13 new individual achievements for you, one of which will be legendary! Fight the monsters of Morsilvania, solve the main mystery of the festive island, take part in the destruction of the supreme vampires, have fun on the rides - all these activities will add to your collection of achievements! Also, you can prove your guild's might by earning 3 legendary guild achievements!


Update of navigation in menu


With the release of update 11.1, the control in some sections of the menu will change. The updated version of the sections “Menu - Bag”, “Menu - Character - All options” and “Menu - Settings” will now contain a drop-down list of available filters (instead of horizontal selectors).


Bag EN.gif


That's all for now, but detailed information about rewards, gifts, holiday surprises and other changes will be available on the day of the release of the update.


See you next week for open testing!




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  • LeeLoo changed the title to [2022.10.22] Update Warspear Online 11.1: Shadows of Morsilvania. Announcement 
On 10/19/2022 at 5:04 PM, LeeLoo said:

Evuraim - the first hunter.


He should meet Gehrman. I think the two would have some pleasant conversations together. 

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1 hour ago, Overhoul said:

I hope upgrading horror talent doesn't cost money

And if does,Hope it to be half of Points and not x2 like underwater.

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To study the talents of the median night, do we need to spend gold.

Please add permanent healer minion in battle pass for full season. Present we have movement speed. Please add both in battle pass. Movement speed and Healer minion. Thank you.

And please make unlimited getting knowledge in yellow quest. Only blue quest make it limited.

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11 minutes ago, Danfake said:

I didn't like the change in the bag.. 

As it is currently it is already good. 😪😪😪


It will be even better. It will save you more time.

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On 10/19/2022 at 12:04 PM, LeeLoo said:

Talents of the Median Night


You can exchange the accumulated currency "Essence of Horror" for unique event talents of the Median Night! The learned talents will stay with you forever, but the currency for upgrading them can only be earned during the holiday, so hurry up!

Do these talents also cost money or just Essence?

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6 hours ago, Jack said:

To study the talents of the median night, do we need to spend gold.

Please add permanent healer minion in battle pass for full season. Present we have movement speed. Please add both in battle pass. Movement speed and Healer minion. Thank you.

And please make unlimited getting knowledge in yellow quest. Only blue quest make it limited.

they gave us event minion skill

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8 hours ago, Psyborg said:

Will the talents' bonuses/effects still be available after the horror event?


Only the currency required to level them up are limited time

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On 10/19/2022 at 6:04 PM, LeeLoo said:

Compete with other combat alliances within your division in the amount of the “Essence of Horror” event currency earned by all guild players, and get unique rewards!

Is there lvl requirement for the players? I suggest only counting the currency made by players who are in the guild, so it wont be a matter of which guild has more alt accounts.


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@LeeLoo @Dr Strange @Nolan

We have Got 2 different Skill Sets And 3 Different Armor Sets. Among which...


1) In Skill Sets, Can we have Different Relics On different sets?(Atm, On changing skill set 1 to 2,Relics don't change)

(Further, Including Skill telent Selection different as per skill sets wil be cherry on top.)


2) In Armor sets, Can we have perticular Skill set as per Selected Set of Armor?


3) Can we get introduction to Selected Hotkey Setups according To Armor set? (as skill set will already fall Under selection of Armor set). Hotkey Setups sometimes changes when we reinstall or login.


By applying above, We will have Genuinely Optimised Options.

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1 hour ago, Ismarita said:

This was the best time to return to Warspear 😁

Thankfully they are it easier for new players overall 

I see what yall did 🤣


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