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Ingame museum


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We were chattin one day with seb and dragon and bron... long story short


Would be interesting, if warspear had a place in game with, like, past monster statues like Icequeen and Demonologist and some brief info about them, also about arenas (like, past winners), guilds... like, timeline of important updates, a bit info about each... best screenshot places from each fraction island... costumes.. cc gear looks, statues of other notable monsters... you name it.

Also server data (players, guild count, most played class...), and some other interesting things. It would be useful for new players and fun to remember for old players.

one giant room of memories that would also help new players to understand stuff here.

Thought it would be interesting. Like Hall of Fame or smthin. Island of frozen memories. Room of history.


umm, thats all.


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well, i guess ideas like to float around.

Would be nice, because new players may have difficulty understanding what others talk about. Hell, i had em too, im not that old here. :D

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Aww, it would be so epic.



I Demand this into fruition!!!..








jk, but seriously, i hope it will be taken into consideration.

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ahaha :D kinda nowadays there were many updates and additions, and new bosses that come and go, events... i dont know how possible on scale 1 to 10 is it to add such feature, since there is already upcoming stuff. But this is suggestion place. :)

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there is museum....u just dnt know it.

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