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Player Bounties


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  1. 1. Do you support this?

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    • I don't want a bounty placed on me
    • I ate pizza today

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Warspear is practically based on PvP so why not add something to compliment it , I bring you Bounty so basically a NPC in every town named "Bounty Giver" or something and here players can place a bounty for online players of the opposite faction and they place a reward  , when a player places the bounty they put the reward amount and the amount of gold they put as the reward is automatically taken away. Players can go and accept the bounty  and this is not only fun but gives players a chance to really ruin the opposite faction and reward skilled assassins with a gold-filled sweetness , I thought it would be too easy for the bounty to automatically tell where their target is so if a mc is in the same map as the target it will automatically be marked as last known location and appear on the map as a red area circle to players with the bounty job quest and if target logs off for more than 30m bounty is canceled and reward goes back to the person who places the bounty via mail, please support this , if you read this please comment and vote in the poll above so Warspear team sees how much we want this and they'll maybe implement it into the game.

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