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Some possible relevant additions


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 Skills such as supernatural blessing and eye of darkness to improve them without something "too absurd" is: after their use apply the effects on the enchanter's minions so that these skills have more mechanics  relevant to the charmer who is a class (support,tank and damage). And none of these functions performs perfectly. 


  "Supernatural Fire", the skill now applies a debuff to the enemy, similar to the mage's "Burning Ground". 

The debuff deals damage every 3s to the enemy and whenever it does damage it has a chance to stun the target. 



  And the stone curse skill is one of the most useful skills in pvp, but with one it doesn't exactly curse the enemy but saves him from a massacre... A lot of the time it can harm the battle result. The possible improvement would be for her to be able to pause the skill's cooldown or reset its charge and completely slow any healing effects. (To so be a curse)


If it was resisted doing predominant damage would be good. 



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1 hour ago, Matarato said:

If it was resisted doing predominant damage would be good.

I got an idea ;-; your mechanic sounds good, about damage I think is enought, why not better restore HP? Or damage reduction ;-; or More CD or Energy Regen.


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12 minutes ago, Kyrai said:

Tive uma ideia ;-; seu mecânico soa bem, sobre danos eu acho que é suficiente, por que não restaurar melhor o HP? Ou redução de danos ;-; ou Mais CD ou Regeneração de Energia.


 We enchant animals and support allies, and we are not templars... 

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