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Improvement of taunt in PvP fights


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So, everyone thinks that taunt is just bad. It does remove target from enemy, but whether it's level 1 or level 5, there is no difference.

Tanks are pointless in PvP because you can't protect allies from getting their faces bashed in.


So, how about this:

When taunted, enemy does less damage to everyone but you.

A simple example - a level 5 taunt would make enemy deal, let's say, 50% damage to your allies, but still 100% to you.


How does that sound?

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Taunt does need a major upgrade. I have an alternative suggestion for improving taunt: why not let it do what it's supposed to do...create aggro towards the user. The opponent that is taunted is forced to keep attacking the tank for the duration of the skill, which increases with skill level, AND cannot use any AoE or CC skill while under taunt. I don't play my bd anymore but aggro was a major area of disappointment back in those days.

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agree agree agree

But I do have other idea.Its basically works opposite the Priest's skill armistice which mean its only you who can attack taunted enemy and taunted enemy can only attack you for as long the taunt duration.

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Big yes.

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Yes, a very nice suggestion, taunt would have a good use and wouldn't be useless.



But sadly, all we can do.now.is to wait for this good suggestion to be burried by other pointless suggestions

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