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Kuzmitch or Snorlax PLEASE READ!


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No need to make ingae player a mod..


smurfold is ingame player and a mod, and hasn't mass banned people or abused position,


opinion coming from a player who insults others regularly with offtop / random insults, whom he disagrees with, and many posts have been deleted by a mod, is not so useful, as why would you want another to delete more?


Sulla will make a gud mod but we still need a dev to Seattle a few arguments & queries btwn players some one like unlive. .......


we've needed a dev to discuss the game for a looong time,  Russians have unlive, guy with stalin avatar,  esssencia, sometimes mioco and even kuzmitch..

here we have snorlax as support type mod, same as kuzmitchs role, not actual gameplay or future content discussion, all devs that do so are rus

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