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ELFs VS MCs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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- It looks like the Elfs have reached the home stretch. The hard work of Angelo, The Ranmage, AITOLU, hohola, Feronica, Bahadir2565 and Seduce  over the last few pages has increasing the distance between them and the MCs. 48 points to go for then, will this be their victory?


- The MC are struggling to reach the elfs and their large army, but they are still in the race. Ninja Owl, Jigsaw-PZ, lliilillil, Cigma, lallouss, Raislin, Weakknight and Tiberium have ensured that the MCs have not lost yet. Anything can happen within the next few days. They have not given up that's for sure.


Join in. Fight for your side. WIN!!!


Stay Tuned.



Continuing: Mountain Clan 179!!  :diablo:

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