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arena tickets: remove them. Make earned

arena points much lower. This way everyone can

fight and you will probably have more online

players i could make arena all day for fun İF it

was free . there can be though, a vip room ör

something for higher arena point but it costs to fight there.

2)amplify: amplifying is really hard. Some people

make +10 with very less signs but some spends

hundreds and hundreds and get nothing

amplify level could be on +100 for example that

way your signs wouldnt go waste +100would be same as +10now but with the hundreds of

signs we spend we could atleast get something

for it (not +100 but maybe +95)

3)miracle coins: they cost too much yes you

make discounts all the time but its not really

enough i think 0,99dollars for 150miracle coin would be nice İF it was regular price

4)arena: it shouldnt give many guild points +10

people always spams arena and wins easily.

Working hard and questing killing powerfull

bosses should be the main source of guild points

5) guilds: too much reward for winners and hard to level up

6)daily roulette: it can give gold miracle

coin,miracle coin item arena point crimson

corundum (mostly gold or worthless items)

7) balance the classes. Many people complains

about it. Happy player=good game Some classes are really powerfull i never played as one but

barbarians are not really good. Necros and

death knights too maybe.

8 ) daily bonus when played 2 3 4 5 6 7 days in a row

9)make game pay to play , for more quality players,less scammers and earning more money.

10)expert skills for lower levels. We should be able to get 1expert skill when we get our first quest irselnort

11)dungeons for lower levels. I mean why not? Why always things for higher levels? İt would be good for low level players to earn gold and more fun.

12)craft speciality. I didnt think this through yet but selecting the enchant that armor will give could be cool. For example you are caster, you wont want attack speed, and will change it for mana or magic damage. Cool right?

13)Creative weapon skins sold on miracle shop

14) Changing stats on gears with special item (dropped on boss or sold in miracle shop) To prevent abusing one stat, enchants can be changed to some spesific enchants (for example you cant get full critic hit) Or phsical defense changes to magic defense

15) Craft items shouldnt be personel. For example i was going to craft northern lords bow to use in arena, but i cant sell it amped after i used it. Which is why i use longbow and didnt craft it. Or there should be an option to unbind an item without losing the enchants and amplification which costs higher than normal unbind

16) İtem sets for lower levels. They are only in higher levels. They can be drops in bosses which are in first maps. They will give bonuses İF you complete the set.

17)Change the arena map which teleports you to different places. Its not cool. So not cool.

18)Rare runes: They are drops from bosses which are better than the normal ones sold in miracle coin, but pretty low rate to drop

19)2 more nation, 1 for each side More classes more difference more the fun

20)Blade dancers using axes? Since when elves stopped using shiny daggers and started using warmonger  barbarian weapons? Did i miss something? Maybe its okay for rogues but elves? (Its not about the gameplay)

21) every melee using same weapons? What the hell was that update? Spears for paladins axes for dual wields... What is special now? Melees should be different from each other

22)regular wars. Think about it, a very big ass arena map filled with hundreds of players from two sides. There will be a time limit. If 1side doesnt lose in limited time the players who survived will be teleported to a special area where there is nowhere to escape. Only 1-2 minions can be used and max 5mana and health potion. The players who have took place in war will be rewarded when the war ends. The winner side will get more reward.

23) an ingame tutorial which can be found inside game. The regular mmorpg players doesnt need any of that ofcourse, but other players can get lost.

24) advertise the game. I didnt see a single thing about warspear in internet from you guys. 

25)experience from arena when passed to irselnort(first in 11-14 arena)

26)experince from dungeons

27)experience when kill enemy players (in normal game play)(like 1expereince or some thing not too much)

Please read this and consider it. Mods i hope

you can show this to developers or something i

dont know who is in charge. Somethıngs really need to change. dont be greedy you will earn

more if you get more people to buy miracle coins

and not just rich players. Im not saying all of these should be made, game would be too easy but some of them would be reaaaly nice.

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  • No.
  • No.
  • No.
  • No.
  • No.
  • No.

7. No.

8. No.

9. No.

10. No.

11. In development.

12. No.

13. Skin Scroll.

14. No.

15. The unbid system is good as it is.

16. You mean, they must have whats named with "Sets bonuses", it has been suggested, I have np with it.

17. Join the group here.

18. You mean what are named with "Old runes" these days, I suggest to keep them old and much rare is better, also devs have deleted them and made other common ones, so I don't think they will release them again.

19. Find older topics in next time, please, no.

20. Well this made me laugh :lol: , you must mean this to "Rouges" not "Bladedancers" :bad: .

21. No, except the point ^.

22. It's in development.

23. It's already here, and someone made a suggestion to improve it, here's it.

24. Well, someone has started to make a new wiki for it.

25, 26 and 27. This is enough.


Please stop spamming topics and posting such unnecessary things that it has been suggested or rejected or even applied in game. Half of your suggestions are have been suggested, but I have no time to link them all to you.


Good luck!

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