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1h or 2h after update?


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Hi guys i have question to you.



What is better now 1h + shield or 2h axe?



lets think:




+ 2 blow skills

+ chance stunn with att

+ better def and block rate and hp

- must buy new skill and use skill points on it

- lower crit




+u can max comabt fury

+have batter crit and dmg

- lower def, block rate and hp







well i gonna max amp only 1 weapon 1h or 2h and i must make skill points so i need to know what u think guys is better?



2h or 1h?



and if u have any video/screens where i can check new skill "shield strike" its gonna be great :) cuz i wasn't seen it in action :/



thanks guys :)

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Staying 2h personally. Yes, you get more defensive stats, but I have enough of them + 1h barbs get rekt by healers most of the ttime

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if u still using 2h then go for it,  its as strong as ever without the new skill shield strike. last time ive just lost to petergabi, before new skills arrive i kicked his ass many times n i never lose against him but now with new skills he KICKED my butt (OMG) :shok: . so barbs are still better without shield strike.

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I still go with 2h. Because then I:


-Can buy 2 sets of signs for the gold I would buy Shield Strike


-Don't have to amp my 1h weapon


-Get higher burst dmg


-Can lvl up Combat fury instead of Shield strike, and combat fury is awesome





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1 handed+shield:

+ High Attack Speed

+ more HP, so restoring health(blade fury) is better than 2h


+ block abilty

+ You can use shield strike

+ more def, so more def from warcry

+ good tanking mobs(let ur armor broke :rofl: )

- hard agaist support class

- you need find ring with "block" ability to create powerfull block. because shield without block is useless.



2 handed:

+ direct damage with high damage

+ High critical

+ Chop's damage is better

+ Easy to kill healer fast

-  You need ring without "block" ability . useless "block" ablity with 2 handed.

-  Shield Stike useless without 2 handed. :facepalm:  Really sad  :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: .



if you want raise ur skill, never raise shield strike. better warcry or bladefury. :facepalm:

altough warcry never fix, but I still love warcry.

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