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Because it's a troll event that's used by devs to pass time without introducing anything new.



What would you like to do for the first time I had with my phone number and I will call you out on the phone with the phone number to call you at the airport to see if you can find a way to get out of the discussion and the special prizes of the times you suck to the level of the gear and the special prizes of the times you suck to the level of the gear etc...


What is that^ ?

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there is a chance.


what if people want trump so usa doesnt go to war with russia instead rebuilds the relations, or because they dont want someone under fbi interogation(sorry bad english) wont be their president? maybe.. I would defienelty vote for trump. He can be an idiot sometimes. Thats much better than a smart evil minded.

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Clinton definitely is the lesser evil. You call someone "an idiot sometimes" while he is being a racist towards Latinos and Mexicans, while he insults other countries heads of state e.g. he called Angela Merkel insane. He also has NO freaking idea about politics. In each battle versus Clinton he wasn't able to go into deeper discussions because he just doesn't know what to do, neither does he have any plans or is prepared. He is childish and a person of absolute nonsense. So please do the world the favour and don't vote for him, many western european countries think the Americans have completely lost their minds already.


Done raging :D

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