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I would say anyone that wasn't mine, but then I thought the microbes and I considered that I know where I put my hands better than the hand of the other.


Being a lady, I don't wipe my ass. Because I don't shit and never farted ::)



Have you ever farted and blamed someone else?

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they will probably thenk you, but don't you dare eat any vegetable or you'll be messin with me. I'm a defendor of all vegetables in the world, i think it's a cruel act to tear apart plants while they're still alive and put them in a salad.  that's why i don't take any vegetable, only meat and eggs and milk.

do i make sense?


(of course i do, if vegans make sense, i do too)

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Beautiful damascus steel of course


What is your favorite empire/kingdom/regime from all historic event in the past?

(mine would be Abbasid dynasty, want to see their architecture and crowded Baghdad market just like in 1001 nights stories)

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