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70000k but i sold my 2set stam too cheap :! i hate myself (and the buyer)


What was the lowest amount of gold u had (after lvl 5)

My lowest was 11 gold when i was lvl 14, when i still thought there was no such thing as a repairer or repare scrolls and kept dropping my deteriorated gear and buying new ones.


0, after no repair scrolls and, let's say, some unfortunate moments in the swamps.


Have you completed the swamp quests?

3 times, they stopped being hard after my first character.



what's the weirdest food you've ever eaten?

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The toiletpaperholder in the corner of a lavatory on an airplane- The holder   would remain in a corner, while the airplane is flying around the world.


(edit: sry i didnt see the question, answer is: 1 skilled dk or 10 10+ rogues)


Is this the expected answer of this riddle?

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