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new skills suggestion


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lets share your imagination and creativity for the warspear's future here. start with the class  and the skill's name, how much damage it will do at each level, skill cooldown, duration, how much energy used, and level requirement to learn the skill. don't forget to explain how the skill will work


here is mine..


blade dancer skill "mirror blade".

required level: 30

damage: 0

energy usage: 11-18

cooldown: 11-15 sec

duration: at lvl1 1.5sec duration , lvl2 2sec, lvl 3  2.5sec, lvl4 3sec

skill description: blade dancer cross his swords and enter full defensive mode. blade dancer can't attack and move when the skill duration is on. any attack or skills used towards blade dancer in this mode will be blocked and the opponent get an instant wind slash as counter attack from blade dancer that do same damage as the opponent attack/skill will do (damage from DPS aoe skill will not trigger the counter attack. any stun skill with no damage like fear and blind will cancel this skill but bd will not affected by the stun)


I'll post more skills for other classes latter

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Can you please support the other 3 topics made(without saying the other 6k that must be bumped)?



Good luck! :good:

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sorry I didn't see them on sticky topics list and to lazy to do search. ok I'll post there instead

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masamune, They mustn't be in the sticky topics, so you use them. Don't forget to search next times.



2. Suggestion should be new and must not duplicate already created threads.

If you have something important to add to already closed topic then just press button "Report to moderator" and post your suggestion there.


For copying threads you could receive mute for 1 week.

Good luck! :)

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