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summoner skill


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Skill that directs the "hate" of the dog to the selected target, a great Skill by the way, but after removing the critical with fury this Skill lost its shine because now when hitting the target the dog has its damage subtracted 2 times first contact on single target and again on area target. in order to bring back the "sparkle" of this Skill like this: I propose to create a status called heal and critical damage because it is already something that is apparent in the game but it is not possible to "measure" it without adding the sources and of course adding this to the dogs. another thing is besides increasing the damage on the target by (55% on 4/4) also increasing its area damage by (30-25%) increasing both by 55% would make us happy. :) about the damage in area could release the effect of the critical q is that (damage more !) for example 1000! and not just 1000 so that effects like critical damage and deep fury work more efficiently.  

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