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To All Rogue Lovers Look !!! :)

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I just noticed rogue's the only class without aoe skill :D wehuehue !!!!


So Here Is My Idea :)


~> change the skill ducking "Throwing Knife" to something useful like "Flash Bomb" 8) deals damage  within its radius range  (4x4 or 5x5) and make enemy stun for 2 seconds .



:) hope you like it :) HueHue

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I have play many kinds of mmo and rogue with AoE skill isn't something weird actually.Some skill like poisonous gas or smoke bomb or shadow strike(summon copy of yourself,deal 25% of your strength and attack nearby enemy) is what I have experience.They are all pretty nice and fun to use.

I know I cant choose what skill I want,I will let dev team to take care of that.Its just a suggestion,nothing bad.I just wonder why people think its funny when rogue gonna have aoe skill?

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Give rogues,

-SG grenade with 50% dodgd

-HE grenade with 500 dmg with burn over time effect

-M4A1 which  fires at 100% attack speed

-Bullet proof jacket with 100000 defence

-GPS to spot their enemies

-Homing Missiles for runners

-A spare nuclear ICBM to destroy towns

-And MP3 player to listen while killing loads of elfs ;)

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