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Shaman OR Necromancer

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Peoples... I cant choose between that should i lvling

Shaman OR Necromancer...


1. Easyer for leveling

2. More heal

3. Have blind

4. Have more skills for DMG making


Necromancer (very hard for lvling):

1. Have very powerfull shield what make him immortal

2. Heal at second (no per second)

3. Have poison

4. Have that race passive for mana regen


I so dont know what to do... Help me...

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Chose Shaman, Necro es very noob on

arenas -.-


It seems that you havent run into 2 necros in 2v2 that have lv5 nightmares. It's good because you wouldnt have found it funny sittin there with blue things above your head 24/7.


Also to topic creater. If you have the time and take the effort. Level both up. Both are great and both are useful.

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