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Alternative < ( quick change to alternate gear)

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Alternate gear



Unlike the gear you're currently equipping, alternate gear is a combination of item pieces in your inventory which you wish to change to from time to time. Such as physical an magical defense sets.



How it works





Player selects a gear item in his or her inventory, clicks menu > clicks 'alternate'

Now that gear is added to the alternate gear set and has now got an orange border around its name or box in the inventory.


A player can do this with every different type of price of gear. If you are changing a piece in your alternate set, the game will say 'do you wish to replace xxx with xxx?






The fun bit





When you have finished customising your alternate gear set, you open your skills menu and you allocate the new skill available for all players called 'Alternate' to one of your hot keys. Similar to using guild skills.


When you click the alternate gear skill, the current gear you are wearing is replaced with your alternate set & vise versa if you do it again. 10 second cooldown.




Why do we need this?




Imagine you're in a dungeon & realise 'oh no, imm using PvP content gear! I need to switch fast! *clicks button* 'alternate set is now in use' yay!


You cannot use the skill whilst in combat of course.




I really think this would be so useful. Will save so much time.

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Your idea requires much things, I can give your same idea with only 2 buttons.


My suggestion:


In the character equipment menu between the Hp and En, they should make a ">" and "


Feel free to give ideas/ask/quibble.


Physik, I'm not trying to ignore your idea and make it mine, but your idea requires much of things, I made your same idea but with 2 buttons.


Good luck!

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