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The Humble and Loyal Servant (Hypnop [EU-Emerald])


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"In the Wastelands I had found a strange lightning creature, which was being hunted by the Pteriks...


...When I saw that it seemed strange to me, since the pteriks roam the Wastelands area in search of prey, not lightning creatures, however wait more and I entered fiercely to save the creature from the heartless Pteriks, it was a difficult fight because of its sharp teeth and its deafening scream,...


...but it was not a good match against my skills, after having saved that creature, it wanted to run away from me too , I quickly caught him with thrashing and he couldn't run away, I approached him friendly and he trusted me, I asked him:
-What's your name little friend?-
I saw that he could not speak, so I told him:
-Well, apparently you don't have a name, so I'll call you "Ball Lightning"- since It had a sphere body at that time, and he didn't like the name so I said:
-Then I'll call you "Lightning Spirit"-

He quickly nodded so I knew he liked it.


     From that day that little creature began to grow, and accompanied me in every adventure and mission, even in wars, it was the guild's favorite pet, also this creature that was no longer a creature, had a special power, it could electrocute an enemy , and every morning I saw that he trained very hard to be able to specialize in more unique electrical skills he wanted to have one of being able to control even half of electrical stimulations the muscles of his opponents, to guarantee total control of them, and I know that he will soon achieve it."

image.jpeg.29eb85d0e3bbf9798977f99ca787efce.jpeg        image.jpeg.c1db654b50dde9a0741b435aed7b106f.jpeg


Hope you all liked my history :pin3:



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