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New outfits and skins designs by Kiligour


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At first I wanted share my ideas with other players. When I saw players reaction, I've decided to continue my work. :) I didn't seriously think that Gm will add them to the game, but I'm 100% sure that They saw this. I just wondering, why They didn't write any word here yet? :unknw: Yes, I would like to see my work in game, but Your nice opinions are worth much more for me than this. I think You understand me. :friends:

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Hello Everyone!

Finally after so many days, I designed the "base" of costume for female characters. I made 2 versions: one with hood and second one with visible face and hair.

I suppose You think why all is grey? I would ask You, what do You think of this? What style of colours should I use to make it better? What should I add to this outfit? Feel free to comment, all suggestions are welcome! ;)


(please, this is only a sketch)



Quite nice. C:

Armor, with a slight feminine look.

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Biggest question,Why you didnt took part in Costume Competition?? ;D

I did but it was fail  ;D  then I wasn't so good in this.  :crazy:



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Kiligour,you are a epic artist.The woman skins ,with male version of that would be an epic sorcerer set.

Keep up the good work! :clapping:

Good luck with your future projects ;)

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I don't think that there will be second part of this contest :

But even 1st place is nothing compared to Your all nice opinions  ;)

Why losing hope so early?

They will do it probably!

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Hi  ;)

I finished playing WS a long time ago... but when i was searching my warspear screenshots i found one uncompleted outfit... so i finished it. I called it "Griffin Warrior" but i think it could have another better name  ;D


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