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Connection Problem


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I can never connect to game at first try

after last update. At first try it says "Connection with server has been lost". Second try character selecting screen opens.when i select my character it says "connection with server has been lost" again. At 3rd try it succesfully connects.Please help!


Android OS


(Sorry for bad english)




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Yeap, can confirm, 2 tries to login. Reinstalling the game used to fix the problem for a while, but it doesn't after 4.0 update

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Happening on the PC client as well.

Can the Admins please give us an update on this issue? It has become rather infuriating to try to log on. ^_^

sometimes it lets the login go through, sometimes it does not. Can take several minutes to successfully log into a character but it can also take 10 minutes or more.



Happens on the play button, but mostly during character selection.

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