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How to get some gold?

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Hey guys soo this is my first post and i will share with u how to earn some golds.

1.You can kill Dark Shaman up from Caravan and get there drops like Broken Handle

2.You can work daily quest where u must get drops.Wen u kill monster take all drops and sell them to do NPC

3.You can ask on World Chat who need help with daily quests items like Animal Fat,Cold.Blood... You can sell set for 100g or 200g but dont offer to high price

4.The most famose work this days is hunting.You can hunt boss wich drops equipments like Lake,Sea,Granite Guard...They drop very good items for 13lvl

5.You can go in swamp and u can work quests there but u must be lucky to get good reward wen u finish quest

Soo i hope this is help u little and sry for my bad English :D

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