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Shaomay - EU Emerald - Ethereal story

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Me, when i was level 20, i always farm every boss in Irselnort just for resource craft Ethereal, everyday i spend just for farming and farming to get Ethereal item, because in the past Ethereal Item craft is so expensive (50-60K) and it only drop from Dungeon. After update, bosses drop resource craft and i start to farm boss like Elemental Lake, Garr Shagg etc.

Like you know, sometime Elf come to kill me when i killing the boss, and i always mad because of that, resource craft ethereal is very expensive too in that time, it become 40k for 1 ethereal resource. And i stop play warspear online for a year, after i back, i was shocked with ethereal prices, it was 40k and now(2022) become so cheap, from 30-40k into 1k-2k for 1 pieces, craft item like staff, sword, mace that made from ethereal became so cheap too, i miss that old days, i wish i can turn back the time.afkgaming_2021-08_d1e415cb-5f79-4ba5-b84b-af1ddbf91b2d_pepehands.thumb.png.8199f391b73fe2d222d5ca62d61eb97a.png




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