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To be very honest i like being notifed which of my friend in my list is on or off or what rare crafts r available or on BUT i think covering my whole screen with text and showing it as a huge announcement is not worth it.


Maybe we can go back to a small info appearing on the bottom of the screen. I know i can turn it off but i want to be notifed who comes & goes off but don't want a huge notification covering my almost max part of my screen


And also maybe we can turn off craft notification coz i dont think some of the players are even involved in crafting

#Cheers  :drinks:

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Turning off notifications isn't bad, but a setting for each notification with a new category "Notifications". Next time please post your ideas with the similar topics like this :) .

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read up properly i am askng them to put all notifications on the bottom of the screen and not covering the whole screen with em :unknw: how is that diffrent? And i already said i want to be notified but a small info will do no need for announcement

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