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Dear Warspear.

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i just wanna tell you about "account Blocking"
in case someone get block or bann in warspear, and they contact the support.
and after 1 week all clear, and Warspear give some Eula and Penalty like 2 weeks.

you give 2 weeks of block after you block it 1 week already?

you already block the account like 1 week already and your eula and terms just about 2 weeks so its 3 or 4 weeks already.
your eula is 2 weeks and you already blocking someone 1 or 2 weeks before they send you ticket, so if your eula 2 weeks just make it done when its done if the Problem was clea, becasue the player already get blocked for 2 weeks already before the case done.


- someone get block, and he send ticket into support (and after email progress is take 1 week until clear)

- and gm reply and said will block for 2 weeks.
so it must be ( 2 week of eula - 1 week has passed = 1 week of blocking left.)


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I'm not really sure if I've got the issue. Forum cannot be used to discuss about restrictive measures taken by our support team (nor do they read such kind of posts here). If you're seeking an actual answer you should use the same contact you used the first time ([email protected]) and ask them for explanations. 


My apologies, this is everything I can tell you about this matter.


I bid you luck. 

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