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Why did he scam me?  

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  1. 1. Why did he scam me?

    • He is jealous of me.
    • He loves scamming and scammed people before me.
    • He hates me for an certain reason.

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Hello am Mardinis the level 21 Blade-dancer. So one week ago i got scammed by Godsmage. I got scammed for trusting him and help him amplify  :( . He scammed me, took my stuff(gold-pots-runes.....) and deleted my blade-dancer. He also made a blade-dancer with my name(the blade dancer is lvl1). U can ask any trusted members thats knows me in Us-Saphire like zeusxelie-bleskills-putang.....

Thank you and bye  :'(

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So a high level player who knows better and the costs of scamming. You dont REALLY know anyone online, so dont trust them with your account. Best thing to do is start fresh and learn  from it.

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so smooth of u >.>


Any player who shares his account to "trusted" people doesn't have brain cells, and not because I am a moderator it means I have to moderate the way I address to people, and I don't need other moderators pointing that out either.  :)
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