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How to do chainless league quests.

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Can one or two rogues kill them? Which minions should be used? It's almost impossible for other classes to come to these places.

Telling the time here would let the enemy know when we're there...


______________________________  Being a +1 hero is difficult.


Edit: I tried to kill Dinalt from 00 am to 5 am utc+3 but there were almost as much mc hunters as there are in the daytime.

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(Only for bosses -Sea/Lake/GarrShag/Granite -- Genie/Maraksha/Pirate/Dinalt- this is a too slowly way, but 90% efficent)


Simple, if you re an elf, create a shaman and up it to lv18~20 (your decision), if you re a mc create a druid and the same level. You do not need to take so good gear, with craft baton or arena one (with a bit of amp, like +4-+5), and with cheap gear (craft or lv18 cheap-redset +3-+4). When you get that, go with your main character to the place (better at night as we can read), logout quickly and log with shaman/druid, and start "hunt" those bosses, when they re around 2k-1.5k life, heal your self logout quick, log with your main character as fast as you can, hit one time the boss, kill your shaman/druid, and kill the boss. I know its a hard and slowly way to do CL, and only works with some bosses, not for all, but it's a too muuch good method to make CL with out any "Sea pm me plsssssssss", and wait hours for it. I do this with my rogue Noxirian and my druid Leaffy, and it works so good (now waiting to do Gariel xD).


For the rest bosses, you will need a much more help, because the others have mobs around then and its too hard to Solo then.


Hope this help anyone.

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To do cl i give my way.

I have a rogue 24 i go to ,for exemple,kratt,i log out it next to him,later i take my low level and log out,log on with rogue atack kratr and when 3k hp +/- i stop atack and log low lvl who easy kill kratt when i log.you can do with genie,kratt,dinalt and maraksha ,gariel and berengar guards need party.

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Here's my way, I did cl in 1 day just by a simple invention


Say in guild chat: Ima break in mc's territory anybody wanna come?


I did it with 2 bds (2 bds, 1 priest and 1 druid at first)


But you can surely do it the same way as mc

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Invisibility potions to navigate enemy areas.

Example.... If I'm doing cl on my mc side, I'll post one of my high lvl elf's at cl boss. Get my MC nearby and camp him. Use high lvl char to burn down boss when its almost dead I log off ,it will still be their when I log in my MC. I tag boss and kill my elf and my MC has a near dead cl boss that's cake to kill. Worked so far on 4 of my char's

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