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Quest Bug on new map


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Ok, so from what i have gathered, every drop is bugged for every variation of the quest "spirits of the gray hollows".Indicated fire pits do not give cold embers.Steel stingers do not drop from hornets.Fire tails do not drop from any of the firefox's of any type.

The mshop item is only optional. You can still get the other quest items via a mob drop called "sign of the filth". It kinda works just like a chest. Upon opening one, you can obtain one of the quest items.What drops them?  "slaves of the filth" mobs are a good example, they are found at the "healthy meadow" outside the east gate.

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is not bugged u can complete this quest, getting 15 or 12 moon plate or lunar plate u can get this items from sing of the filth u have to open and have chance to get it, those boxes (sing of the filth) are  drops from the diferent group of elfs named slave of the filth.

good luck

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These quests are annoying.  Opened 4 set sign half of them were empty. And rest got somthing else which I don't need. Been farming them all day. All gear broken for 4 set. In the end useless.

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