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New Expert Skill.

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For the skill to activate you must be hitting something


After a few hits shield activates


Shield Is permanent until anything hits you which then it breaks


Higher level the skill, the faster the shield will spawn in fewer hits

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Can we even upgrade passive skills ?


My thoughts :P


Yeah, we can. And this one has only 3 levels for max


I got 3/3 Barrier and I must say, it activates in 1-4 hits for me


Had a nice long run at the enemy land surviving hits I doubt I would otherwise

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Just a little suggestion :- if ethereal barrier would build staks example ::: every 3hit give 1 barrier and Max 4 barriers as long as you don't take DMG theas barriers stay when u take DMG you lose 1 barrier ::: this let mage survive longer if it has staks this doesn't make it op since you don't have time to build staks it arena it just let you take little more DMG


Tell me wat you think  :unknw:

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