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Problems putting offers on the Market.


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Good day,


I've noticed that last couple if weeks certain items seem to be either bugged or glitched.

This happens in two ways;

1. Try to link a certain item and get disconnected.

2. Try to put a market offer for sale and get this (included screenshots)


The offer.


Опубликованное фото


The result.


Опубликованное фото



I'm pretty sure this is a known problem,  so with any news or information about it id gladly hear.







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u mean de set of mage runes was automatically split up and automatically generated an offer and assigned it to each item :shok:


He means, that when he put's the offer, and he disconnects, the offer cancels.
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I don't disconnect when I'm trying to put the offer for sale on the market.

When I'm trying to put the actually offer up for sale it just does nothing, leaves the box remaining.



Now a recent problem is already clear with some of these items such as novice sets etc.


Anyhow I've read that it was a known issue so I'll be patient.

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