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[SOLVED] Walking issue on android KitKat


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Hello there, before a couple of days i updated my phone to KitKat, everything on warspear works fine until now exept 1 thing, i CANT MOVE UP xD

On kitkat there is a new feature, on full screen apps if you drop down your finger on top of the screen status bar shows up, its cool but it brings an issue with warspear: when i tap top of the screen character doesnt move to next area, cycle with arrow showed up at top but character doesnt move, if i press it 5-10 times then it goes.

No, i dont press it like monkey, i care to dont anable dropdown gesture, i found the perfect spot to click to work after 1000 times, if i press at bottom of the warspear's cycle with arrow it works with 2nd click, but i guess its not supposed to be like this :P


My question is: can you fix it? Can't fix it and i have to play this way? Can i disseble it somehow?

I searced in setting but didnt find any disable option for this.


A friend with same problem gave me solution, if u have same issue enable "development options" open this tab in setting and there at "input" section disable "block status bar gestures from app", i hope it ll help someone in feuture. :)

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