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Weapon skins useable on any weapon

Emiko Neko

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I get the whole, a sword skin being for a melee weapon and such, but theres many weapon skins that would look good as any weapon. Example, the skins that are literally guitars, or curled up roots from the spring event. Something that could be done is just have it act the same regardless of if its got a non matching skin on it or not. Have a shield or melee skin on a staff? Have it play the animation from afar and still shoot the projectile. Bow skin on a dagger? Smack people with the bow. There may be some problems with the one-handed two-handed weapon stuff but it seems atleast possible people could hold a staff or bow with one hand if they tried really hard. Or you could, if putting a two handed skin on one handed weapons, hide one of the weapons and play the animation twice as fast to make up for it.

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