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neutral area pvp

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Hello altho you might think its silly i have an idea for you that you may want to at least think about

As we all know non Neutral areas such as secret cave (pvp cave) is an issue when players pvp others tend to jump in well heres an idea devs.

it would be nice if you added the feature to invite another player (friend or foe) to a pvp in neutral areas such as nadir or swamps spawn point allowing 1 player and the other to atack each other if both accept the battle the pvp would be in the area that  both players originally accepted battle so they wouldnt be teleported to arena for 1v1

should be a simple line of code and some icons to add not to hard granted you would probably have to fiddle with it a little here and their but please devs at least take this into consideration if you use this idea im 1000000% sure everyone would bow down and kiss your toes


THANK YOU for your time and keep up the great work.



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The idea is good and it was suggested many times, although devs said that there won't be any official PvP


Yea i mentioned it in game a while ago and ppl posted here but still they should itd be good i personally think its alot better then their current "crafting" update

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If many people ask enuf times they will eventually give in how do u think warcraft got 1v1 area inv battles... players asked multiple times...


Check this topic, this will be enough if you need the other 1m, feel free to ask here :) .


Good luck with that.


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D .

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