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Warspear Online just turned 6!


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Dear friends, on the 12th of June Warspear Online is celebrating another birthday. What a date! Seems like it's been just a while since we released the first version of Warspear Online and today our game already turned six! During this time millions of players all over the world became constant citizens of Arinar!


And of course Warspear's Birthday – everyone's merit, since Arinar grows and develops due to his loyal and numerous fans. That's why each player in celebration days can expect a pleasing presents, jolly surprises and other festive events.


White Pilgrim created Arinar in all it's glory, but Garaan's thirst of power, who was one of the divine Spear's guardians, threw the world to the brink of death. Then the Great Rift splited Arinar into multiple pieces: centuries passed before separated nations regained their former glory. And once again wise firstborns and noble chosen had started a new fight with fearless mountain clans and insidious forsaken. For six years since the beginning of War for the Spear, Arinar survived many events. Massive skirmishes on the native islands, on the Irselnort and deadly Norlant's swamps and even beyond the world, in the Astral Labyrinth. But all of these fights are nothing comparing to the new challenges Arinar will bring on soon.


Holiday skills


Lets start with weather forecast. Warspear's Online weather service detected a fast approaching biscuit monsoon, so we are announcing a Cake Warning on the whole territory of Arinar.

Festive cakefall, according to forecasters, will exceed annual rate.


What are we talking about? For the whole holiday season all players will receive two additional skills: “Throw a cake” and “Cakefall”. Birthday celebration is not the best time for serious duels, so better keep away your swords, bows, staffs and other weapons and get your cakes ready. We have plenty of them for everyone!


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Holiday quest and special gifts


All citizens of Arinar above 1st level will have an opportunity to complete our special holiday quest. You should take the challenge, cause fulfilling it will bring you to the places you've never been before and also get you a unique gift – one splendid holiday costume!


Where do you get this quest?


2nd-12th levels can take this quest in the capital of their native island. Players of 13th level and above can find a needed NPC in Irselnort.


Our traditional holiday quest with fireworks will be available too.


New item in Miracle Shop


For this holiday week one new wonder-chest will be added to the Miracle Shop. Opening it will bring you an amazing gift, but nobody can tell which one. Element of surprise is an important part of every holiday, so its a high time to test your luck!



What can be found in those wonder-chests:


1. New costumes (Guardian of the Shrine, Warden of the Shrine, Pilgrim of the Wasteland and Wanderer oh the Wasteland) and also two additional, time-proved and beloved outfits of Grinch and Pumpkinhead Jack!


2. Eight decorative skins: Rune oracle's knife, Rune oracle's broadsword, Rune oracle's broadaxe, Rune oracle's spear, Rune oracle's stave, Rune oracle's bow, Rune oracle's crossbow, Rune oracle's shield.


3. Great potions, minions and other valuable loot.


Important addons


1. Craft


Shields crafting was added to melee weapons profession..


2. Instances


Berengar's tower instance now can be experienced on a long awaited heroic level. The bounty is totally worth trying: 19 level weapons, 20 level armor, catalysts and lots of other needed things.


Опубликованное фото


Опубликованное фото


Thanks to everyone who will join us on Warspear Online birthday party! And good luck to you all!



UPD: holiday event will last till 18.06.2014

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So I guess new skills not in this update either?

You had a perfect opportunity to add them as a heroic difficulty reward.

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Happy birthday warspear :good: :good: :good: :good: :good: :good: :good:



I LOVE U WARSPEAR  :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose:

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Happy B'Day  :clapping:


But can't download update due to connection lost to server  :facepalm: :fool:


reinstalled the client but still can't  :(


help plz



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Android dvices crash when trying to enter towzr, mine crashes the map before tower3 devices crash there) cant even log in to the chars now, can to others, fix this please

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You are happy to give us a bugged game? Game reject every players who go on tower area on EU Emerald.

I cant log my shaman anymore thanks very much for this awesome gift happy 6 years. No really im angry. Released a bugged game like this what do u do? 2 hours for block our chars? So cool. You need to repair this fast. Fast. Not an other 2 hours maintenance. Go for it.

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