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GM help us from a pinoy scammer


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hi,im a player from philippines and i want to help a friend cause he was scammed by a pinoy player too.his name is wlan and he owns a snorlar suit.he selling it for real money and this scammer named helldown a lvl 13 bd scammed the suit and still continued scamming by buying acc at worldchat.my friend is on grief because of what happened.im here trying my best not to claim back wlan's suit but to know who other characters of helldown.he is a pinoy player too and he scammed a lot of people already.can you pls help us know who the culprit is,i mean who is his main or other character.for doing so you helped many players by revealing the thief or if its not possible can you just delete the snorlar suit from helldown so he cant use it for scamming again.


Please reply gm's,would be highly apprecated if you able to help us. thanks in advance and more power.

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