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How to Get Mermen GvG Crown || God (EU-EMERALD)

God Emerald

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Hello everyone This guide will explain the methods of getting the Crown first at the 1st stage of Mermen GvG. Most people know some basics about increasing the walking speed at underwater territory, but are there tricks and tips how to get crown first? Of course there are. And I will be explaining them all in this guide.


Will talk about: 

- Class & equipment

- Mermen Reputation

- Buffs

- Talents

- Books

- Minions

- Tricks & Tips



In order to be the fastest in that stage, i should mention the methods of getting the highest speed Underwater first. 



Class & Equipment: 


Obviously you need the main walking speed equip, Boots. 

But it is different from class to class, 


Flippers of the Diver Sorcerer (Cloth Armor)

Flippers of the Diver Spellweaver (Cloth Armor)


22.5% Underwater Walking Speed.




Flippers of the Diver Warrior (Light Armor)

Flippers of the Diver Assassin (Light Armor) 


25% Underwater Walking Speed





Flippers of the Diver Defender (Heavy Armor)

Flippers of the Diver Templar (Heavy Armor)


17.5% Underwater Walking Speed






With that being said, its pointing out that Light Armor Flippers are the fastest Underwater (25%).. Therefore, These classes are ideal to have maximum speed (Light Armor Users): 



- Ranger

- Blade Dancer

- Warden

- Seeker

- Paladin



- Barbarian 

- Death Knight

- Chieftain 

- Rogue

- Hunter



Merman Reputation


At every level of Reputation you get Underwater Walking speed increase. 


0 – 4999 reputation points – neutral:

60% of base Walking Speed (-40%)


5000 – 14999 reputation points – friendly:

70%  of base Walking Speed (-30%)


15000 – 34999 reputation points – respected:

80% of base Walking Speed (-20%)


35000 reputation points – venerated:

100% of base Walking Speed 


So you MUST have 35k Mermen Reputation in this case. 





There are 2 types of BUFFs that increases your Underwater Walking Speed, Scroll & Food. 



"Scroll of Underwater Speeding Up" increases your speed by 15%. 




Where you can get from:


"Cache of the Ship Graveyard" Chest from Miracle Shop. 





"Smoked Marlin" Increases your speed by 15% WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN BATTLE.




Where you can get from:


"Smuggler" at T5 towns NPC.







Total Underwater speed from Buffs: 30% 





There are 4 talents in Ship Graveyard talents tree that increase your Underwater Walking Speed, 


- Calm swimming 

Increases your Underwater speed by 10% when not in battle.




- Swimming Technique 

Increases your Underwater speed by 10% when you use Oxygen tank or vial.




- High-Speed Ascent 

Increases your Underwater speed by 20% when your Oxygen 1.





- Adaptability 

Increases Underwater speed by 0.5% for each missing Oxygen unit. 






PS: All talents mentioned are at the max level. 





There is 1 very rare book that increases your Underwater speed, 


Might of the Depth 

Increases Underwater speed by 10%.







The reason i placed Minion at the end, is cause that Rat minion increases your base Walking speed, the speed buff it gives does not count as Underwater speed even if you are Underwater, that means if there is a limit of max Underwater Speed you can get from all the above mentioned stuff. the Rat minion will still make you faster. 


Summon White Rat 

Increases your Walking Speed by 30% if you are not in battle. 





Internet connection 


Having a fast internet connection is very important thing if you want to get the crown first, every millisecond counts. the faster you cross to the next map and render it without lags gives you advantage if your opponent has delay. 





Tricks & Tips


Stack 2 Talents:

You can stack 2 Underwater speed talents at same time, the talents are Swimming Technique and High-Speed Ascent. 


First, trigger the High-Speed Ascent by getting your Oxygen to 1. 




Second, use Oxygen Vial when your Oxygen runs out, to trigger Swimming Technique talent too.




Now all you have to do is waiting for your Oxygen to run out again to 1, then both talents will be triggered at the same time. 


keep in mind that your Oxygen consumption rate must be atleast 1 unit/50 second or less. 


having 1 unit/50 second Oxygen consumption rate will give you 50 seconds of having both talents on. the less consumption you have the more time you will get with both talents. 




5min= 300 second

50x5= 250 second 

300-250 = 50 second 


5mins= Swimming Technique talent duration.

50= Oxygen consumption rate (1 unit/ 50 second). 




TIP: being in combat will cut your Oxygen consumption in half. 



TIP: there's another way to get your Oxygen consumption really low, you can use that if you are in a hurry or any other case, for that you need to enter the ship of Dynamic Quest at the left of Doom Island, by entering you will automatically get a deBuff that cuts your Oxygen consumption by half or more. 





After getting that DeBuff, being in combat will cut your Oxygen in half too. this way your consumption will be very low. 





Teleport potions:


The castle potion "Great Elixir of Soulwandering" will RANDOMLY teleport you to a 7 yards away from the place you used it. 





Where to get: 


Level 3 Castle Laboratory. 


So, best area to use it at Mermen GvG 1st stage is the 3rd area. it either teleport you Middle, Up or Down. the Potion will choose the path you going. 



617449127_Untitleddesign(7).thumb.gif.286d8d18296be62111958a32a5f6f0e9.gif   Middle or Down.


1743641276_Untitleddesign(6).thumb.gif.d77911e9a58f3ba7c6618d29da50e8ca.gif   UP. 



Crown Place: 


Crown will NEVER be in the same area as the previous stage, so for example if you took crown from middle, next stage will not have crown in middle 100%. this way you will know your exceptions and do your calculations. 



At the end, it is best to have atleast 3 people with max speed doing the tips mentioned above in every guild. Since there are 3 areas and anything could go wrong. 


After You Get Crown


So now you are the fastest and you just got the Crown first, what to do next? how will you survive after you become slow & not being able to use Skills or Potions cause of Crown Debuff, while everyone else is fast? there are 2 way to play this smart. 

        1. If you were a Sentinel guild, you have the advantage of having the perfect class for this situation, Templars. Invite Templars with you in party and make them use their Mantra skill on you. This way no one will be able to deal damage on you. 






         2. Guild Blessing Skill, use it right after you get the Crown (Not before, otherwise you wont be able to pick it). and run back to your guild. 





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Relevant guide. Simple and eleant. Runners can make or break the while guild event. Good luck mate.


3 hours ago, God Emerald said:

if there is a limit of max Underwater Speed you can get from all the above mentioned stuff.

Is there anyone who can verify this? Is there actually a cap on underwater movement speed? If so, it makes the combination of some of these above mentioned buffs moot.

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10 hours ago, El Pengu said:

where the palas tho? :sadowl:


very good guide :Penguin1:

oh i missed it, thanks:Penguin1:

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22 hours ago, Kyrai said:

you're missing one thing
divine powers

good guide, is creative :vp-looking:

what is divine powers? ;-; 


and thank you:yay:

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