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gears for the end game content


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gears for the end game play content is pretty restricted.After player achieve lvl30/32,they turn to lvl30 nadir or sea lair gears sets ,or craft gears,fero/vampire gear set,and then save money only for mermen gear.The same fact happens in the selection of arena gear.Its not good for a mmorpg.We need diversity in gears .

warspear has many dungeon,but player only spam sea lair ,nadir and mermen apart from festival dungeon.Garden,termite, tree, tech only come to consideration when need to activate event,lvl up repu and daily quest.The reason lies in that player cant get good loots for end game content in these dungeon.This condition should be changed.

For every dungeon, devs could add a new difficulty called raid,where players can assemble two groups of 5 players to fight in the dungeon and the dungeon gives lvl32 gear with unique bonues concerned with faction.The admission to raid dungeon is restricted every week.

1.Benegars tower:

Heavy: health bonues(2 pcs);2resit when taking damage,stacks for 5 times(4pcs)

light:pene(2 pcs);3att spd when dealing damage,stacks for 5times(4pcs)

cloth:crit heal and dmg(2pcs);4cd when skill heals output,stacks for 5times(4pcs)


heavy:gain movement speed when taking dmg(4pcs)

light:next skill or auto att have higher dmg  every 5s

cloth:gain a shield for every 5 heals output on  group member

3 termite

4 tree

5 tech

heavy:get larger for15s, in the duration get dmg reduction but cant move (can be complusorily moved by other skills)

light:gain att spd and crit dmg for 10s,but decrease dmg output for 15s when the buff expired

cloth:gain a bonues of healing output for10s,but decrease ur cd for 15s when the buff expired

6 sea lair

heavy:gain up to 5stacks dmg bonues when taking dmg ,dealing dmg consumes all stacks.

light:gain dmg bonus and crit dmg at the cost of 50%hp when activated for 10 sec ,in the duration character cant be healed by vamp and skills

cloth:ur next 3 healing output also applys a shield on the target



These is only my opinion, i hope palyers can have more option on gears rather then abuse mermen.

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