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mace selection for pvp dk in arena


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dk with magic build gain its popularity in gvg,but in arena i think physical dk is still better.i dont know which mace its better.

1.spring mace with double pene:many dk main told me its the best mace to choose,bcs pene boosts ur dmg.but it has a crit stats,which is useless for dk in arena.

2.spring mace with magic and pene:compared to double pene,this mace substitute 3.5 pene with 32magic power and 2.5 att strength.

3.speed mace(pierce and att strength):it seems to work well with dks talent which pierce every 6 auto att,but less skill dmg

4.the incoming(maybe) 31 arena mace

pvp dk has 5/5 exhalation and 4/4 sharp shadow,which have good magic bonus.so have some magic maybe pretty well

i dont know which one to choose,hope for suggestion,thx

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