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An new,FAIR arena,and within that,a new tourtament.

What do you think of this idea?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of this idea?

    • Seems awesome,love it 100%
    • Needs a bit more work,tho pretty good 75%
    • Normal :I 50%
    • Needs alot more working 25%

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WOW!Im  going to introduce you to this FAIR tourtament kinda thingie! :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok: :shok:



Lime green!


Okay,lets get to business here.





You have an button at Arena,as normally.But there are two windows when you open the arena button thingie.


There is the multiplayer arena, AND the mob? arena.


If you push the mob? arena button,it takes you to an arena stadium,what is like colosseum.(like an ring)

Every level there are mobs.

When the level youre fighting on is low,like 1st level,you must face some 600 health mobs.

When the level u are fighting on gets higher,the stronger the mobs get,an more of them come.

(the max amount in the mob arena is 5-7 mobs)

Its kinda like survival  ::)





Not buyable,means that rich people cant just spam the arena.And it is like tower,means that it will regen.Regen time max-90 min.Max amount of tickets,5.





Kinda like arena points.The amount you earn is like this-you do the first lvl,you get 1 point (or more) and you do the secound level,you get 2 to put on the 1,so you have earned 3 points from completing the first 2 levels!(they are easy ones) and it goes on,and on,aaand on.....This isint the same as the normal arena points,again,balancing  :dirol:


GEAR! :diablo:



Im tired from this writing :facepalm: .Must go on.Like i said,arena points.YOU CAN BUY STUFF FROM THE ARENA DEALER WITH THE MOB? ARENA POINTS.Oh yea,you can't take your normal gear into the arena.(rich people be like :'( ).But this dosent look so bad actually.There are at least 6 full sets of gear,and 6 weapons you can take.(for paladins,DK,BD,Barbarian and rogue,there are two weapons to take,but if the barbarian,DK and pala choose to take an two handed weapon,they can't take the other weapon)If you have enough MOB? ARENA POINTS,you can upgrade your gear of MOB ARENA.IF you are an magic user,(dont put DK and pala in the list :diablo: )ALL your rings,amulets,robes,belts and bracers MUSThave magic damage buffs.Yep,you CAN upgrade your MOB? arena gear.1,by 1.The gear must also have the energy regen placed to 20 at least.




To be this FAIR,we need to sort out tourtament classes.The min lvl to enter this must be lvl 12.


Cuz the mage and warlock can deal multiple damage,they would have an head-start and that wouldn't be fair,eh?


So here is the tourtament class-MULTI-DAMAGE TOURTAMENT


Ranger and rogue do ultimate damage to a single person so here is an tourtament class-SINGULAR DMG TOURTAMENT.


Ofc,healers can heal-HEALERS TOURTAMENT


And the tank tourtament class-TANKERS TOURTAMENT


The names suck,i know  :blush:












This is getting complete soon,must hold it together :snorlax:







THERE IS NO TIME TO REGEN HEALTH,so it means,you complete the first level you wont have any time to ready yourself.





As basically,the winners get some good loot  :blush: ,But oh no,i wont let this be too unfair.At least the top 1000 will receive an suprise chest  O:-)

OR an minion cache :D



YAY,this should be it for now,ill see what could be done more and meep. :blush:



Unfairness is just bad for everyone,but 3.The winners.

This actually took me only 30 min to do  :shok: :shok: :shok:



Get the monie peeps  ;D



Please let me know about what you think of this idea  :blush:





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It's not bad as an idea but it got many negatives

1. No buy tickets? For only this they won't do it, don't forget Aigrind is a company, I don't know any super market which gives free things, Aigrind why to do?

2. No gear? The project of the game is a war, stronger wins, strategy comes second. Plus strategy depends on your equip, if you remove already builted equip who will care to play?


You thing like a gamer, what you want to see, something which you can he the best without pay.

That's simple not going to happen, if you want the main idea "cycle arena with mobs and lvls" then add ways so Aigrind make a profit from it and maybe you will see it online.

Its very familiar to dungeon (almost the same)  so I think it doesn't have a lot of chances even with modification and payment options. The way that it is now I am 200% sure that won't be in game, but its not a bad idea, many ftp games have it, inotia, zenonia etc...

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