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What do you guy's think about the inflation on EU-Emerald?

Personally i think it's shit. One of the best weapons are so cheap.. :fool:



On elf side:

SD Scepter 200k.

SD staff/baton 150k

SD blade 250k.

SD Rondel 50k :facepalm:

SD Xbow 375k-400k

SD bow 320k.





And then i didn't start about DD armour l0l


I don't know about the pala weps tho but this is just wrong.

Maybe lower the chances of getting SD's so it will be more valuable?

Or maybe new weopons/gear? But not in craft, only monster drop. Something stronger then a SD but lower then deeplord. Or maybe other nice bonuses.





I'd like to hear about your opinions.

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The prices have went down due to the fact that Ayvondil will be released soon, which means higher level capacity and higher level weapons.



We already have higher lvl weapons that are available. Many are trying to craft them as we speak.

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